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Welcome to Midnight Carnival!

Welcome! To the Guild website of Midnight Carnival, a social and leveling guild where everyone - all lvls, classes, alts, & even entire little guilds - will be equally welcome. Laid back, friendly, experienced members can help with all your game questions while you learn how to play and make friends.

Above all else we want all our members to have fun while we assist them in learning their class, their spec, how to use and play the game, and how to be the best them possible in a supportive, non judgemental environment. Players are encouraged to ask questions of every kind and never feel they will be insulted when the answer is given. We hope someday they will pay it forward and pass this information on to others who need the help. 

Now that you’re here, have a look around! If you would like to join Midnight Carnival you need only meet the requirements of respectfulness, and being on the Khaz Modan server. PST any member and they will direct you to someone who can invite you into our family. 

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About Us:

What You should KNOW:

When joining a new guild you should know what a guild is about, what their rules are, and what their mission is (Assuming they have one). You are now PART of that, and what you do, say, and how you act all reflect on your ENTIRE GUILD. (No pressure!) Here is what Midnight Carnival is about - Everything you need to know! - so Educate yourself, and make us proud. :) 

  • Guild Mission - Who we are, and what we stand for
  • Guild Rules - What we expect you to do, and NOT do, while in our guild
  • Forum Rules - How we expect  you to behave here, on the website
  • Bank Rules - Acceptable bank usage, abuse WILL result in demotion
  • Promotion Policy - How do I become a..? Here's how. 
  • Raiding Policy - What we expect of raiders, to do and be their best 

What there is to DO:

Doing things together, as a guild, is mutually beneficial. You get to see content and make friends, and groups of 3 or more guildies earns the guild bank money, which is then used so you can repair without spending your own money. The more money the bank has, the higher that limit is able to be set. You can also forge friendships outside of game, via this website and Facebook. 

  • Facebook News Feed - WoW & Guild News that may interest you. 
  • Facebook User Group - Communicate, post, share and talk to your fellow guildies. Put a face to a toon name.
  • This website! - Read through the forums! Post! Share thoughts, ideas, reply to others.. have a conversation! 
  • Leveling - The main focus of our guild is social (Community) and leveling, with special focus on teaching. If you see someone struggling to level, not really understanding their class mechanics, or how to complete a quest - Help them! Power leveling them is NOT recommended, but leveling together, or helping with elite quests is a great way to start a friendship. 
  • 5 man instances - When you run a dungeon group composed of 3 guildies or more, you all earn guild reputation towards some great items (with more to come in the future) and the guild itself earns experience (or would if it weren't capped) and money. If you plan to run randoms, ask if anyone wants to come with you. Sometimes you wont get an answer, but more often than not people will come with you and you can make some great new friends. 
  • Raiding - Raiding is not something we as a guild are very focused on. But when we do raid we expect members to meet certain base criteria, including etiquette and preparedness, in order to succeed. There are three different types of raids we do as a guild.  

How you Can Get Involved:

Being part of a guild means giving some of your time to help the guild flourish, grow, and stay awesome. This doesn't happen by one person doing all the work (But your guild leader tries harder than most) it's a community effort. 

What you give should directly reflect what you expect to get back, but if you don't get exactly the return you're hoping for, you shouldn't give up. There are 700+ people in our guild, all with different styles of play, different opinions and ways of doing things or interacting with others, and different personality types. Just be awesome and you will attract awesome. Don't do it for the rewards. 

  • Join the training raids - They need people, you are a person. Help them learn and come for the teamwork and a chance at some gear. Every Saturday 6-9p Server. 
  • Don't do it alone - No matter what you're doing, (5mans, PVP, LFR, etc.) ask if anyone wants to come with you. If they don't answer, at least you tried!
  • Help someone who asks in Guild Chat - Often times, we see someone ask for help in Guild chat that gets no reply, because we expect that since we didn't have what they needed, or the answer, not answering is the same thing as saying no. It's not... it makes that person feel ignored. Take a moment to say I don't have that, or I don't want to do that because I'm doing something else - maybe even ask if they can wait until you finish, then go - because you'd happily come too. It makes them not feel invisible. And if you can help, or you DO know the answer or where to find it - offer. 
  • Start an activity of your own - Start a fun raid, start a 5man group, start an arena team... If you lead, others will follow. (Usually)
  • Offer experience to those with none - This is a teaching guild. There are people in game who are new to wow, new to MMOs and just don't know what they're doing. Do not EVER mock them. Help them. Recently our server was downgraded to "New Players" because of server population, so there will be a lot more people than their used to be who know a lot less than you are used to. Be patient. Be kind. And remember we all started there once. 
  • Let others help you - Yes. You are completely capable of handling it on your own. But why should you? Let people help you. Ask for it. Get to know your fellow guildies, and have fun as a team.  

Help out! Donate!

Midnight Carnival is for fun, and generates no income. Therefore all maintainance costs come right out of the guild leader's pocket. The cost to keep midnight carnival up and running are about $200/year including Ventrilo fees, domain registration, and server fees. 

You can choose any amount to donate. Any little bit helps. The transaction is handled securely through PayPal and I will never see your billing or account information. You will be returned to the main page when you're finished

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