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re: Raid Night: Expectations

Just want to take a second to review the rules for Raid nights, all kinds.

1. All recount/Damage/Heal meters OFF. You can look at them after we complete, but you do not need that information or to be distracted by it, mid encounter.

2. There will be NO CALLING OUT except by the RAID LEADER (Me) and the TANKS. All other raid members must be silent during fights to maximize efficiency. If you can't help it, please mute your mic.

3. There will be no arguing about strategy before an encounter. This leads to confusion amongst the team as to what we are going to do. We will not have people constantly interrupting to input or over explain new data. You will not speak over eachother. This is a waste of time - from experience - and only serves to confuse the group. The strategy will be laid out before the fight. If the strategy fails after the second or third try we will then discuss strategy, make a new plan, and clearly define everyone's role.

While I appreciate the group's collective experience, and prior experience, mid fight or for 20 minutes between each attempt is an inappropriate place and time to discuss it. My advice is to watch, pay attention, and make helpful suggestion based on OUR RAID GROUP, not others you may have run with, because EVERY group is different. This forum is a good place to discuss strategy before and after a raid night.

4. Loot Rules are unchanged. We will ONLY be gearing MAIN SPECS in these encounters until everyone is on an even keel. You may only bring the toon you are signed up to bring unless necessetity dictates otherwise.

5. Addons, Ventrilo, etc must be installed and up to date, including tested and configured, PRIOR to start time. You must have your own flasks and food even if the raid provides either. ALL OF YOUR GEAR must be enchanted, reforged, and gemmed with SOMETHING relevant. Expensive top level enchants are NOT required.

6. You must be on time for raid nights. 80% attendance with excused absences is required to maintain your spot. I need 24hr notice of call outs to find a suitable replacement. (More is better) "Forgotten" raid nights, mid raid drops, rage quits, or call outs to raid with someone else on our raid night or because you got yourself saved will all be looked at on a case by case basis and WILL jeopardize your raid spot. This is important to us, and we need it to be important to you and to be able to count on you.

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