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re: Being a Raid Leader in Midnight Carnival

While Midnight Carnival embraces and encourages people to find what works best for them, in every aspect of the game, there are rules and guidelines in place for every individual who 'leads' others in any capacity: Be it raid lead, officer, etc. This is because you are now REPRESENTING Midnight Carnival. You must act within those guidelines while coming to your own, because there are certain behaviors that are just not Tolerated.

So what makes a great raid leader? What qualities does a raid leader exhibit that makes their group keep coming back week after week?

Getting the invites out on time goes miles toward keeping everybody happy. It's important to remember that raiding takes time -- time that players have set aside to raid every week -- and nothing heats up the blood of a raider more than having rushed home from work and plonked down in front of the computer just to see that their leader isn't online and that nobody's heard from them. Emergencies happen, and in the end <em>WoW is just a game, but a truly awesome raid leader figures out a way to let somebody else in the raid know that something came up.

It should go without saying, but a raid leader really needs to know the mechanics of the bosses in front of them. Then need to know what each roll should be doing, special mechanics (like dispels, bleeds, stacking, etc), have a plan of action, and several variations of known strategies that they can adjust to the team they have.

You must be able to concisely and respectfully explain your expectations, what you want people to do and where you want them to be, and explain to them what they did wrong with a clear understanding of how to avoid it next attemtp. On the other side of the coin, a big part of a raid leader's job is pointing out what went right , partially so it happens reliably and partially so the raid feels like they're making progress on difficult encounters. Never underestimate the value of a pat on the back.

Knowing when to take it easy and knowing when to push
It's up to the RL to keep everybody focused when it counts. To keep vent clear and call outs timely, and to know based on how the fight is going after several attempts if the problem is the mechanics, the coordination, or if your team does not have the output to successfully finish an en encounter at this time, and direct them to something they CAN accomplish. (When you determine which the problem is, you also need to commincate this respectfully to the group with a clear plan of what is needed to overcome the obstivcle)

This means two things. Raid prioritzation and people priorization. Raid prioritization is making sure that people understand which mechanics of the fight, or NPCs on the playing field, are most important and making sure they are focused down. It also means directing the group to have individual prioritization for things like dispells, stuns, cc's, etc.

People raid for different reasons. Some want progression, some want rep, or gold, or gear, or achievements or (frequently) some combination of those. A solid raid leader takes the needs of the entire raid into consideration and tries to keep everybody happy. Making sure that once you have a boss or an instance on farm, your team knows that now it's time to try fun things, like achieves, when doing an encounter.

The faster a group moves through a raid, the more time can be spent actually downing bosses. Little things like getting loot distributed while pulling the next set of trash keeps raiders focused and involved while letting the momentum of a fresh boss kill do its thing. This means getting rezzed, rebuffed, and set back up as quickly as possible with minimial dicking around for the next attempt. Alternately, if you've been wiping on a boss for hours and you're not getting anywhere, your raid leader should know when to take a step back, breathe deep and change focus to something else.

It's sad, but true: Some raiders don't pull their own weight. Some of those things can be mitigated by uber gameplay, but some make everybody's raid harder. If a raider absolutely will not live up to the expectations placed before them, they will need to be replaced. Kick and replace shouldn't be the first line of defense, but a raid leader shouldn't be afraid of it, either. Raid leaders make the tough calls for the sake of the raid so the rest of us don't have to. There is a guildeline for this, below.

The ability to learn from failure
Nobody's infallible, and when things go wrong (and they frequently do), it's important for a raid leader not to get frustrated. The healer who forgot that his big heal was on cooldown and let the tank die knows what he did, and he feels bad enough about it without the RL calling him out for it in raid chat. Shame isn't encouragement; a raid leader's better off dusting everybody off and moving on, whispering the offending party if it becomes more than a one-time problem.

Really, the above guidelines are just variations on one theme: A raid leader needs to do what's best for the sake of the raid in as efficient a way as possible while remembering that the other raid members aren't NPCs. In other words, if you want nine people to follow your lead, don't piss them off unless you have to.

Your Job (Basic Duties):
Make sure all Call outs are accounted for and you have a full raid team on raid night.
● Make sure you have food and flasks on hand in case anyone does not bring their own, taking note of who is not prepaired incase it becomes a recurring problem.
● Sending out invites at least 5m prior to start time so that everyone is in place and ready to go at start time
● Researching Strategy and conforming it to your raid team: Handing out duties, positioning, call outs, etc.
● Loot distribution - Need Main spec, Greed off spec, DE all else (Mats go to bank). Patterns are prioritized by max skill on the toon you are on in raid first. If no one in raid can use, may only go to alt at max skill. Otherwise goes into the bank. BOE items must be equipped, or go to bank. No exceptions.
● Conflict resolutions/Raid counseling - Someone has a problem directly related to raiding, whether it be with another player, their toon, a class mechanic - it's your job to fix it.
● Discipline. You must make sure raiders are meeting the expectations presented to them in the raiding contract they signed in order to be on this team. If they are not you must warn them, and if warning are not heeded you must take action.

Things to keep in mind:
As representative of Midnight Carnival you are expected to know and uphold the Guild Rules &amp; Code of Conduct and the Raid Rules & Ettiquette. You must also ensure others do as well.

To fill a raid:
Raid members have filled out an application and been accepted on the team. In order to replace them, you must have probable cause (ie. they are not gearing themselves, showing up, paying attention, and disciplinary measures have had no effect) because they were here before you were. You cannot replace them just because someone else wants the spot or you're missing a &lt;inserty class&gt;, You need to deal with it.

How to replace a raider (3 step process):
● Verbal warning. Tell them of the behavior and give them a reasonable time frame in which to correct it.
● Written warning. They have not corrected the behavior and if they do not by &lt;date&gt; they will be benched.
● Written confirmation of Bench or team removal.

● Abusive actions or behavior in raid, including insults, intentional raid wipes, attempted loot ninja-ing.
● Does not maintain 80% attendance without cause. (Written Notification must me issued)
● Blatant rules violation - (ex. No call/no shows multiple times)

To fill a spot
You're obligated to fill all empty raid spots, either for fill ins or raid replacement raiders from inside of the guild before reaching outside the guild for assistance. Fill ins are at your discretion to meet min req, since it's your raid it's your problem, but raid spot replacements must fill out an application in it's entirety, meet all minimum requirements, and be approved before being given a raid spot. You may not just let people you like have the spot.

I would like to give it a shot!
So you've read all of the above, and you're feeling brave? You need to let Ama know and here is what will happen:
1. You will be given a trial run as lead. This includes all duties and responsibilities involved with being a raid lead. For one month (4 raid weeks) you will be given complete control of the raid team.
2. You will have support. Amalthia will monitor raid night via vent, and Officer Randonphell (an experienced raid leader) is on the team, both of whom will monitor what you do and offer assistance, make suggestions, and answer questions.
3. You will me judged on preparedness, reliability, and conduct.

If you don't meet these standards you will not be offered the position at this time. You can always make adjustments and try again at some point in the future. If you perform exceptionally and are offered the position your team will vote whether or not to allow you to be raid leader. (Which is why it's important to do your best).

Once you are voted in, congratulations you have the job. If you violate any of the above and multiple complaints are recieved, you will be given a verbal warning, a written warning, then removed from the postion. If you are removed from raid lead you are PERFECTLY WELCOME TO STAY ON THE TEAM. You are just no longer authorized to run it, and must submit to the new replacement.

If you have any questions, or I have missed something that you want directly addressed, please let me know, or reply, and it will be added to this this thread.
Good luck! And happy raiding.

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