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re: Raid Night Conflict Resolution: Policies and Reasoning


This post is for officers to understand their duties to players during raid, and for raiders to understand why officers take certain actions regarding player behavior. This is a fluid and ever evolving case by case process, but in general these are the expectations regarding order and severity of operations when dealing with a problem in group. 

The numbered list is the order of steps to be taken to promote conflict resolution. Each step is assuming the last has failed. 

Raid Mechanics - Someone Ain't getting it.

Keep in mind being called out, even if you know you're in the wrong, can put people on the defensive or make them shame spiral, feeling that they are bad, that everyone thinks they're bad and/or hates them, no matter how minor the problem is. People internalize failings as being "less than" when that is just not the case. In order, these are how infractions should be handled when someone keeps making repeated mistakes.

1. A Raid Lead will make a broad non specifically targeted announcement reminding the team of the proper way to handle the mechanic(s) in question.

2. The Group leader should specifically whisper this person stating, hey, I see that when happens you're , instead could you ?

3, The Raid Leader will check in, via whisper and see if the person needs any further assistance to execute the mechanic properly.

4. A Raid Lead should use voice chat to address the problem, but gently. Sometimes text can be misunderstood, and that is why the person is not "getting" it. Take the opportunity to point out someone who is executing the mechanic well and to watch their example. (This is positive reinforcement for the player doing well)

5. If this is a group wiping mechanic fail, bench the problem for the night. If it is not (and especially if it is), then after raid the Group Leader should send them a message via discord including proper execution of said mechanics and appropriate strategy videos. Ask nicely that they review them by next raid night and try to be as specific as possible with the individual as to what they did wrong. Always use neutral language. 

Interpersonal Conflict

A Raid member has a problem with another person, and we don't see the situation the same way they do (We interpret the situation as a misinterpretation or overreaction, etc. by the complaining party)

1. Check in with the complainant - Is everything ok IRL? We should ask a broad statement like, "Is everything okay today, you seem more upset than usual?" through whisper. What they choose to answer with is their level of comfort, so you aren't prying. 

    • If you identify a severe problem, that's effecting performance or concentration, go ahead and release them for the evening and take raid stress off their plate. Sometimes perception is skewed by outside influence, and if they're already mad they may see a situation more harshly than intended. This will not be counted as a strike. 
    • If not, do they have a vendetta? If you dislike someone, everything they do and say will annoy you and be misconstrued. Is this the problem in this case? What is the nature of the vendetta, perhaps we can work together (AFTER RAID) to resolve it. In after raid resolution discussions remind the individual that they can always contact an officer to assist with a problem, but outright disrespect for anyone is not tolerated in guild and especially not raid. 

2. Remind the group in voice chat, non-specifically, to maintain respectful manners and attitude. If push back is received reply in the same manner as the it was received (text, whisper, voice chat) since they find that manner of communication acceptable, and remind them of the guild rules. (direct them to the page if necessary)

3. Ask the complaining party to take a break for the night. Tell them you understand they are frustrated and angry, and perhaps stepping away from the situation is the best policy. Try again next raid night. If they agree this does not count as a strike. If they rage quit and start to become verbally aggressive, it does. Make sure they are aware of this. 

We see that said person is very definitely being a dick.

1. One whispered warning to comply with guild rules and maintain a respectful attitude.

2, Verbal (Voice chat) warning that if the behavior continues they will be benched for the evening (permanently if they are outright abusive to someone)

3. Bench them for the appropriate amount of time (the night, the week, forever - use your discretion/the posted raid/guild rules) This counts as a strike. 

4. There will be a rolling period of reprimand for offenders. Bad days happen, systemic bad days are a pattern of abuse. If multiple infractions happen in a short period of time, the person will be removed from the team. If the problem is only once in a great while, and they comply, they can be forgiven.

5. Keep written track of strikes (using the Facebook Officer Chat group).


If a person is sick or injured in some way, or is dealing with a stressful RL situation, and are thusly unable to play without it affecting performance and cohesion of grp they should take night off. This will not be counted as a strike unless it is happening very often. 

  • in such case that is IS happening very often, it should be suggested privately to the member that they retire from raiding for the time being. Remind them we are concerned for their well being, and merely want to take some of their stress off their plate. That we will happily invite them back to raid again when their situation allows, providing they catch up to the current gearing requirement level (if gone long enough). 

If a person is constantly combative, negative, cannot take offered constructive criticism, and is generally uncooperative for an extended period of time, suggest raiding is not the most appropriate activity for them.

  • If they agree and choose to remove themselves from the team amicably (NOT MID RAID!), they can always try again at a later date if their attitude and cooperation level changes.
  • If they rage quit or Guild quit as a result, they will not be welcome back to the team at any point in the future. 

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