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re: Types of Behavior that aren't welcome in Guild


Behavior speaks a lot about who you are as a person. Make sure that person is a nice person. 

Remember, the guild does have rules. This helps make it safe and fun for everyone, and we expect the people who represent us to do so with kindness, civility, and Integrity. Specific examples of the below mentioned behavior are really not necessary, you are in most cases an adult. The deal is, you're expected to act like it. If you cannot, or will not, the guild may not be a good fit for you. 

If you are going through something leading to this behavior, do NOT take it out on people or assign meaning and blame to others because you're hurting. We're here to build each other up and we will happily be there for you if you let us. But not if you're going to treat people unkindly because things are not going your way. 

Passive-Aggressive Behavior

People with passive-aggressive behavior express their negative feelings subtly through their actions instead of handling them directly. This creates a separation between what they say and what they do. This is just as unhealthy for the people whom are acting passive aggressive as the recipients. 

Some common signs of passive-aggressive behavior include:

  • bitterness and hostility toward other peoples’ requests
  • intentionally delaying or making mistakes when dealing with other peoples’ requests
  • having a cynical, pessimistic, or aggressive demeanor
  • frequently complaining about feeling underappreciated or deceived 


There are also some easy things you can do every day to eliminate your passive-aggressive behavior. These include:

  • being aware of your behavior
  • identifying possible reasons for your passive-aggressive behavior
  • thinking clearly before you act
  • calming yourself down before reacting to situations that make you upset
  • staying optimistic
  • being honest with others and expressing your feelings in a healthy way instead of acting passive-aggressively 


You will receive warnings for public displays of this type of behavior. After several warnings or complaints about this behavior you will also be removed from guild as this type of behavior is counter to our guild rules, motto, and general culture. 

Argumentativeness and Verbal Aggressiveness

Let's be clear: The following is considered Verbal ABUSE. And abusive, abrasive people are unneeded and unwelcome in guild. Rudeness and incivility are terms that cover both verbal and nonverbal expressions of hostility. Other examples include:

  1. Countering - Countering is a tendency to be argumentative—not merely in political, philosophical, or scientific contexts but in ordinary contexts as well. The victim of the abuse may share her positive feelings about a movie she just saw, and the abuser may then attempt to convince her that her feelings are wrong.
  2. Verbal abuse disguised as jokes - The abuser may say something very upsetting to the victim of the abuse and, after seeing her reaction add, “It was just a joke!” Abuse is not OK in any form; jokes that hurt are abusive. This does not include friends messing around together. But if you do not know a person, you should not be making jokes at or about them or it can and will be taken offensively (from experience)
  3. Accusing, blaming, Judging and criticizing
  4. Trivializing or undermining everything someone says
  5. Threatening of any kind
  6. Name calling
  7. Controlling Behavior - Any form of ordering or demanding from a person not leading an activity. (Any person who is must be respectful and kind)
  8. Denial when confronted - Denying one's bad behavior and failing to realize the consequences of this behavior, trying to find a way to justify and rationalize this behavior. If you were told you were unkind, you are responsible for dealing with similar situations in a more positive way. 
  9. Abusive anger - Any form of yelling and screaming, particularly out of context. Even yelling “Shut up!” is abusive. No one deserves to be yelled at

You will receive warnings for any instances of this type of behavior, unless it is severe and then you will be automatically removed from guild. After several warnings or complaints about this behavior you will also be removed from guild as this type of behavior is counter to our guild rules, motto, and general culture.  


A person who believes they are better than everyone because their skill level (Or in most cases, their SELF PROCLAIMED skill level) exceeds someone else's.

Video Game Elitists are commonly known to be narcissistic and douchey. They outright disrespect the opinions of others, try way too hard to be "superior," and think that they're of a higher position just because they do Higher output. 

Listen, it's a video game. It's supposed to be fun. If your only skill in life is being good at an imaginary thing, you have no reason to be a douche bag. Knock it off. Make some friends, spread your knowledge NICELY to others, help other people grow. 

You're a big fish in a little pond and you aren't special. Stop being a douche bag. See? I just broke my own rules. But we're saying it here, quietly, mono y mono, so you know what's up. Do better, be better, succeed.  

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