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re: PVP Coordinator: Application/Expectations


Looking for a Patient, non-douchey and slightly masochistic individual to run the Guild-centric PVP. You will organize and run a set rated PVP team - whom you are responsible for organizing and must be guild members - on an agreed upon night (that cannot coincide with guild Raid Nights) and Guild Arena team(s) which can be any night as long as members are not on the raid team. 

Should be available to Lead group every Rated Battleground Night with an assigned back up from your team if you can't make it, but you should be there 99% of the time. You must also give your back up notice, not just not show up and expect them to handle it. 

Must follow all guild and raid rules, enforce said rules on group nights, have a firm grasp on battleground and PVP strategies, and know how to boss people around without making said people want to throw a chair at your face. 

There will be training on expectations! It you are interested Please thoroughly read:

This - Being a Raid Leader in Midnight Carnival (what I expect of you)

This - Raid Night: Expectations (what you should expect from your group)

This - Being an effective team :) (Signs and symptoms you're doing it wrong)

and this - Guild & Forum Rules (yes all of them)

This position is considered an officer position. (But power is limited to issues revolving around PVP). 

Basic Job Description:

Your job will be to create at least two PVP Teams. One for Rated Bg's and one for a guild arena group (The guild already had 5v5 and 3v3 pvp teams in existence. You will be given control of these teams, if the recent changes to LFG have not destroyed them - Yes it's been that long since we used them) You should make it your life goal to get all the guild pvp achieves. So we can take credit for all your hard work. 

1. Rated Battlegrounds: You will decide on base qualifications (these should be slightly below reasonable as a place to get started) and fill a group of 9+ other guild members (you should be on this team) and at least 1 back up player. You should run 1-3 battlegrounds on these nights. The team must then agree on a night that does not interfere with the guild raid group. You are responsible for group dispute resolution, maintaining guild calendar events For this group, and group Vitality. (Please add the officers to the event as administrators, to monitor group)

You may have an application if you wish, but this application has to be approved by the guild leader, before being utilized. It should clearly state expectations, requirements, and goals. You will be in charge of hiring and firing but should do so according to guild raid lead rules.

2. Rated Guild Arena: You will pick which bracket(s) you would like to fill (2v2:3v3) and create at least one team. You should run at least 1-3 rated matches on these nights, but then feel free to use the LFG interface for fun. It's your job to keep track of all people interested in running PVP. determine what night would be best for everyone and that they have a viable group every week. If someone is unreliable, remove and replace them. If there are extra people, you should find a way to get them run until a full second group can be formed. You are responsible for group dispute resolution, maintaining guild calendar events For this group, and group Vitality. (Please add the officers to the event as administrators, to monitor group). 

Applicants please leave a reply below by copy and pasting the application and answering the questions. Note: Answers should reflect that you have read and understand the mandatory reading, with your own words and  ideas integrated there in. 



How you plan to be an effective PVP raid leader:

What experience do you have with PVP:

How do you plan to integrate the guild's Mission Statement into your managerial style:

Which Arena Bracket do you hope to fill first, and what are your goals as far as number of teams:

How do you plan to compensate for the obvious pitfalls of PVP on a PVE server:

What characteristics and skill level are you looking for as base requirements for your team:

How you intend to maintain order:

How you plan to handle conflict resolution:

What, in your mind, are removable offenses from a team, and how do you intend to offer warnings before doing so:

Why you think you'd be the best choice:

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