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re: Respecting Your Officers


In the past, I've seen my officers come under fire by guild members who don't believe they have to obey them, that they aren't important, or that they can go behind an officer's back and get their way with me when one makes a decision that conflicts with what a guild member wants, and I would like to set the record straight. 

What it means to be an Officer:

I pick my officers myself based on behavior I see day to day in guild and only as I have a need of them. The people I pick have exhibited selflessness on a repeated basis, helpfulness whenever possible, cooperation, reliability, and above all have NEVER ASKED ME to be an officer or for anything in return.

They're the people asking if they can help you when you express frustration, offering help or materials when you state you have a need, don't ask you for money or anything for them, just ask you to pay it forward (which is what I Ideally want all of you to do all the time) and are generally just a joy to have around. 

Because of that I both love and trust them. I believe if they make a decision without me that you must have pushed them pretty hard to do so, as they rarely ever do. All of my officers prefer to run situations by me, get my opinion, or ultimately ask me to step in on their behalf. If you did something that required them to take action, I implicitly trust that judgement and I stand behind their decision, because they have never in all these years, abused that power. If they have made a mistake they are honest with me, they accept reprimand, and they will apologize. 

They have been in my corner for years, some of them. I trust them. If you believe they have overstepped a boundary, let me give you the run down of what their responsibilities are, so you can make a pointed objection.

Officer role and responsibilities

No single person can lead a large guild and carry out all the accompanying responsibilities single-handedly. It's a one-way train ticket to Burnout Town. I am overburdened. I can't keep up with all the needed tasks and my officers assist me in multiple ways.

  • Rule Enforcement - An officer's main duty is to enforce the Guild Rules & Code of Conduct and uphold the Guild Directive to prevent the Wrath of Ama. This includes but is not limited to: 
    • Warnings - An officer may warn you to maintain decorum if your conversation is offensive to other members of the guild. They may whisper you, warn you in PST, or send you an in game mail. If anyone finds something you say offensive you are to stop discussing it, whether you agree or not. That is the guild rule. 
    • Removals - If you ignore multiple warnings, or insist on repeating a behavior tha angers others (Examples: Racist or Homophobis Rhetoric of ANY kind) they have the right to remove you from the guild. You were warned and we don't want or need someone in our guild that doesn't uphold what we stand for. 
    • Demotions - If you require a time out, or an officer would rather demote you to "New/Inactive" because they wish to seek my opinion before removing you, they have every right to do so. 
  • Drama Handling - An officer's major secondary duty is to keep the peace. If you have a problem with another member, another player, or something else entirely you CAN and SHOULD ask for their help. They can:
    • Mediate a Dispute - You and the person causing your problem can be placed in a party with an officer to discuss the problem. The officer will listen to both side of the story and try to come to a fair compromise. Whatever you decide to do in that party is what I will recommend you do. Don't sneak to me to 'get your way' as I will not look on it kindly.
    • Stop Harrassment - If someone is harrassing you, that's not acceptable. If You have the ability screen shot what was said (Hit the Print Screen Button on your Keyboard) and tell an officer. They will handle it however is fit per the guild rules. 
  • Bank Management - Our Guild bank has pretty strict Rules and Etiquette that we expect members to follow, because they make bank use universally fair. Whenever you deposit or remove an item, it is shown in the Bank Log. If you are shown to be maxing your withdrawls from every tab, removing things you can't possibly use, removing things you are later found to be selling, or taking things out for alts that aren't in the guild, you will be:
    • Demoted - You will also be MARKED as demoted, and everyone will know why. The only way to get undemoted EVER is to personally apologise and make restitution by either returning all of the items or thier Auction house value in Gold. As this rarely happens, you'll simply be New/inactive forever and ever. 
    • Removed - If you did happen to make resitution, then did it again. Or made a deal with an officer that you somehow renigged on, AND ESPECIALLY told an officer that you made a deal with ME that you DID NOT. We will kick you right out of the guild. End story. If they don't do it, I WILL. 
  • Invites - If you have an alt, or a friend, any officer or person marked on the raid team or as Can Invite can bring you in. 
    • New members - If someone messages you about joining the guild that you do not know, defer them to an officer then warn the officer. They will ask them some questions before inviting them. 
    • Friends - Your friends are as welcome as you are :) Take that as you will :-p
    • Alts - all of  your alts are welcome as well. PST an officer to invite with who your main toon in the guild is, so they can mark your guild note.
  • Raid Lead - I know it's unfathomable, but Ama does, occasionally, have a life. Or a catastrophe. (Usually a catastrophe) and when this happens on a scheduled raid night, an officer will usually step in and decide what to do. 
    • Lead the raid - if they take the time to step in and help you through a raid instance, you WILL listen attentively, do your given job, and be respectful. Otherwise they have every right to kick you from the group, and I WILL hear about it. 
    • Cancel the raid - If there is a bad group composition and no one can step in, or there are not enough people, it's unfortunate but the raid may need to be canceled. Sometimes that's just how raiding is. Instead of getting angry, form a group with whomever DID show up, and run some 5mans or LFR. Show your guild spirit. 

Reporting a dispute

So, you had a problem with an officer, and you think you were treated unfairly. This DOES occasionally happen and neither the officers nor myself want it to become habit. So here is what I need from you:

  • Screenshots - People can he said she said until they are blue in the face, but if you have screen shots your ass is COVERED. Have them ready and pst me. i will give you an email address to send them to, and then you me and that officer will discuss what happened, what was said, what was done about it, and whether or not that was fair.  -- Keep in mind: You could be wrong here, or they could. You need to be prepared that the answer might stay the same. 
  • Language - If you come at me swearing and attacking the officer, it will not work in your favor. If you are that hot headed about the situation you need to take a step back until discussing it, because if you are being irate - especially if the reason you're mad was a demotion or removal for language - then you have just lost your case. Be rational, explain your side of things fully, and we will mediate. 
  • Honesty - If you did something wrong, just admit it. I admire honesty above all else. Tell me what you did, why you did it, what happened as a result, and what you think a fair alternative would be. I WILL include the officer in that decision, but they respect honesty too and are usually willing to give a second chance. 


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