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re: Battle for Azeroth - Raid Rules & Application


Minimum Gear Requirements to Join the Raid Team

You are expected to meet this criteria BEFORE you apply. Please do not apply until you do.

Raid nights are Tuesday & Thursday, 6-9p MST (server). You must commit to both full nights or we cannot accept you to this team. 

    • Max Level (Will not "hold" spots)
    • A sufficient ilvl (Max 20lvls below current tier) Fully Gemmed and Enchanted
    • An Adequate or better DPS/HPS/Mitigation level, appropriate for your class
    • Required addons (see list below)
    • A cooperative non elitist attitude. Shitty/Selfish attitude is grounds for removal.
    • You will be expected to know all boss fights, intimately. You may be called on at any time to lead a fight, (Without prior notice) demonstrating that knowledge. (Especially when new raids are released) You should know basic positioning, and all major role mechanics.

*Target Dummies/LFR are not sufficient indicators of DPS

Expectations once you are accepted:

  • Show up on time, every raid night (See Raid Rules for exceptions) maintaining 80% or better attendance
  • Be Fully Prepared (Repaired, Flasks/Potions ready, Roll Coins already gotten, Addons up to date)
  • Prepare for boss encounters by studying the fight mechanics online AND running LFR, meaning on raid nights you know what you're doing (have a baseline). 
  • Continue to improve your gear between raid nights
  • Have a firm understand of your class and ALL it's mechanics, so they can be properly applied to raid mechanics  
  • Read uploaded combat logs to facilitate progress monitoring.  

Loot Distribution:

Loot is Personal Loot distribution. If you receive a piece of gear that you cannot use, please pass it to the raid leader and it will be rolled on at a designated time. 

Rolling on Discarded Loot works as follows:

  • You may only roll (until win) ONE Need on your IDEAL stats until the group is well geared. 
  • If you cannot use an item, or it is not an upgrade at all for you, you must pass. (we do not roll for DE)
  • BOE's, if not Personal loot, must be Equipped immediately if rolled for, else they go to the Bank for sale.
  • We do not roll for off spec, DE, or Transmog, unless explicitly given permission to do so.

You are rolling against everyone in your Armor class (Plate, Mail, Leather, etc.) This may cause tension for loot rolls, but to keep loot distribution fair, You may only NEED on one Item per night. This will reset from week to week and relax as the team at large becomes more geared.  

Required Addons:

Name  Reason Link
Discord Communication (Mic not Required)*
Deadly Boss Mods (DBM) Combat Timers, Auditory warnings

* Requires an account to use. Directions provided in a different thread. 

The addons being required are for accurate monitoring purposes, both for progress facilitation and individual monitoring. They're required to monitor your contribution to your team, and logs need to be uploaded after each raid night for Lead Review. Anyone refusing to install or use any addon may be sat for failure to cooperate. 

Things to note:

  • We will fill the first 10 spots according to the 2T:3H:2M:3R ratio. Too many melee/ranged will need to be sat until more/enough heals apply. 
  • If you play a class we can't use, you will have to be back up (Ex. You are ONLY a tank, and we already have two)
    • Note: Everyone should have a viable main and off spec, for maximum efficiency
  • If we have too many DPS and not enough healers to support them, people will need to be sat. We will maintain the 2T:3H:2M:3R ratio as closely as possible with whom we take. (If we need heals and you CAN heal, change your spec, gear it, and do it. People who cannot adapt are more likely to be sat)
  • Whining about needing a piece of gear and someone else got it will not be tolerated. Put on your big kid panties and deal with it.
  • If you are unreliable, lazy, being carried, and unprepared, you may not raid. You will not be invited and you will be removed mid-raid if necessary.

The Guild has Set up a Facebook Group for just the raid team in order to Facilitate Call outs, Strategy Sharing, and helping one another. If you are accepted, please join at: 

You must be top level and meet all listed requirements BEFORE filling out the application

Disclaimer: Application is not indicative of acceptance. You will be tested to gauge commitment, acknowledgement personal responsibilities, dedication and preparedness. This is a semi-hardcore team, not a casual team. If you're looking to START raiding, please sign up for the Friday/Saturday team on the in-game calendar (if scheduled, no application required)

The Application Process: 

  1. Copy & Paste the application Below and hit REPLY (Do NOT start an new thread)
  2. You will Be Contacted VIA in Game Mail to Schedule an Interview.
  3. On your assigned Interview Date & Time you will be tested on Raid Rules & Requirements, and all expectations of you.
  4. You will also be required to explain brief per boss strategy of the current raid. (Failure to prepare is an instant disqualification from this team)
  5. You will be immediately informed if you qualify for first string, bench, or do not qualify at this time. 
  6. You must give notice if you will be late or absent on a raid night. In game mail, Facebook Group, and discord messages are all acceptable to do this. You may ALSO let someone online know, but please leave a message in writing for the raid leader as soon as you know you will be tardy or absent.  

Full Application (Copy & Paste into Reply)

Please answer all Questions Below:

Statements of Responsibility to the Team

Please answer "Yes" or "No" 

  1. Your Raid Leader Is Amastrasza. Your Raid Nights are Tue/Thu 6-9p Server. You must attend both Nights. Do you Understand and agree to the above?   (Yes/No)
  2. You are expected to show up for invites 15 minutes early (5:45p server) for invites, Fully prepared (Flasks/Potions/Roll Coins/Addons/Repaired) so we can start exactly at 6. If you miss first pull with an unexcused tardy, you will be benched for the evening. Do you Understand and agree to the Above? (Yes/No)
  3. You will be expected to know all boss fights, intimately. You may be called on at any time to lead a fight, demonstrating that knowledge. (Especially when new raids are released) You should know basic positioning, and all major roll mechanics. Are you prepared to do this? (Yes/No)
  4. Have you read this thread in it's entirety, as well as Raid Attendance: 80% and Raid Night: Expectations? (You may be Quizzed on interview, so don't lie) (Yes/no) 

About You

Toon Name:

Nickname you prefer:

Class and Spec:

Role you are Applying for:

Starting Ilvl:

Do you Have DBM and Discord installed? (This is required):

What Secondary Stats will you be rolling for (Top two):

Where did you study the boss fights online:

If you cannot play your preferred role as Main, are you willing to gear and maintain both Specs as back up (ie. DPS with a Heal off spec):

Does that secondary spec meet the minimum requirements (cannot raid until it does): 

Have you raided current content before? If so, which raids and how far did you progress?:

Additional Comments (Things we should know about you): 


For Raid Lead Use:




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