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re: Raid Team Hiatus, and the LOA of Ama


Greetings, Carnies and Carnival Fans alike! 

It is my solemn duty to report that your Glorious Benevolent Dictator will be taking a short Leave of absence due to financial issues, but fear not! I AM coming back. I expect to be back in early March at the latest. 

While I am gone, if you need to reach me, the best options are:

● The Facebook Group: Leave me a Message, I get notified

● Discord Chat: Leave a message in #general, I should either see it or someone will tell me it's there

● Contact Aryin. Aryin is in charge while I'm away, if it's something simple like "invite my alt" she, and any member of the guild, can do that. If you need to get ahold of me, (if it's SUPER IMPORTANT) she can. 

Please follow all rules and keep the place alive for me while I'm away. I wont even be gone long enough for someone to petition for my position, so fear not. 

The Raid Team, and the Player shortage

The raid team will go on Hiatus, after raid, on Thursday 2/1. With me away, the raid team is down to nine people. At 10p people have to leave, so they have to stop even though we're supposed to raid for another hour. This has mad it nearly impossible to progress. So the raid team is taking a short break. 

What it means:

● Raid team members are free to PUG raid with whomever they like, starting 2/2. They are also free to ALSO take a break, but they are expected to come back, either way, at the end of Hiatus which is currently estimated to be Tuesday, March 6th, 2018. 

● Raid members can use the spare time to level and gear alts they have been working on, and run Heroics/M+ instances together to do so. When the raid team convenes 3/6 those alts can be ready to take over as the "new" raid team from then on. (Ari goes Tank, Someone goes heals, Zark goes DPS, etc)

● New members of the raid team, being recruited to join beginning on 3/6 can be geared and ready to start at that time. (They still require and application and to meet minimum requirements). (Aryin in particular wants to run and gear these people whenever they are available.

● You will return, ready to go, 3/6/18, Enchanted, Fed, Flasked, with runes and roll coins, ready to go at 5:45p Server for invites. Period. 

What it does NOT mean:

● Gquit and find another team - That would be some serious bad juju considering all we've been through together. Not cool, bro. 

● You can come back whenever you feel like it - Nope. If you don't show up for after Hiatus Raid night, you lose your spot. Sorry bro. 

● The guild is falling apart - Can you not? It is not. Chill your shit. 

● Farvin is a grouchy pants - Okay, well, that one is probably true... 


~ Exact return date is subject to changeIt will not be BEFORE 3/6/18, only AFTER

~ If you want to join the raid team, you need to show motivation to improve, be involved in brainstorming ways we can improve or ideas, and work on yourself (Improve your toon) between raid nights. You need to fill out an application (I will check and approve it) Know the raid rules and expectations, and be ready to roll the announced raid night after Hiatus (if there is no announcement, it is 3/6)

~ Ary has a life too. She can't run things with you every night. Expect gearing nights to be on Tuesdays and Thursdays, make sure she knows you're interested in coming, and confirm your intent on the calendar. If you sign up but don't show up, you will not be considered for the raid team. 

~ When Raid nights resume, everyone is expected to be ready to pull more weight than before hiatus. You will call out no less than two hours prior to raid, or be found out of compliance. You will be on time for raid, or Notify Ama of possible delay, no later than two hours prior to raid. You will speak when spoken to. Ie. So what went wrong there, and what can we do about it? You will give your opinion, or ask questions if you don't understand something. You will work on your toon between raid nights, even if it's one minor improvement. 

Cheers! See you on the flip side. My account expires at Noon EST on Friday 2/2. See you in March! I will still be posting on the guild News feed, updating the website, and available for questions via facebook. 

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