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re: The Raid Team Needs YOU!


The raid team has, or is shortly losing, people (Because of life, no bad blood) and will be dangerously close to not being able to raid at all when people call out, so we could use YOU. We currently only raid in normal and heroic.

Raid nights are Tuesday and Thursday, 6-9p Server time. You need to commit to all night both nights. You need a 920+ ilvl, fully gemmed and enchanted, with all of the points on your artifact weapon unlocked (with your goal being getting to lvl 75 ASAP). You should have a working knowledge of both your class, and the fights (Wow-head/Icy-veins). You need to have DBM (Deadly Boss Mods) and DIscord installed.

It should be stated for the record that we are not looking to (and cannot) carry anyone. You need to put in the maximum effort to be as efficient (not perfect!) as possible with an eye of always looking to get better. (Running M+'s, Doing world bosses, when the raid week is over, pugging bosses we didn't kill, etc. etc.)

Our group is non elitist. We mess up a lot, but we always try to learn from it. We grow together. We will wipe, sometimes a lot, but as long as we improve per wipe that's expected. All we really expect you to be is on at least our level, (can't carry!) and wanting to have fun.

Everything you need to know, plus the application (which is required) is on the guild forums at:

ps. We most Need:

1. A FT Healer. (Do not have a shammy or a Pally at all, but anything rocks)

2. A ranged DPS with a Heal OS (To step in when a heal calls out)

3. A Melee DPS with a Tank OS (same but for tanks)

4. Ranged DPS (We have 2 hunters already, we'll still take ya but you'll fight for gear)

5. I guess more melee. Why do they even MAKE so many melee then all the fights are designed to eat them? So stupid... uh.. *cough* we lost our unholy DK, our monk, and we don't have a rogue or a dh. 

In that order. Thanks! Hope to hear from you!

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