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re: Badass is the only kind of ass to be.


Going into the new year, I was reminded that I have not been enforcing the rules and expectations lately, and that there is wide spread abuse as a result, from which our raid performance and guild identity has really begun to suffer.

I don't really have the energy to call people out anymore, and be a hard ass, because generally if people don't care enough to follow the rules, it means they just don't respect them. I could use some officers, but generally they just refer all disputes back to me, so what's the point? The general guild policy is "Don't be a dick." Super easy.

Assuming that disrespect is not the case, and that people are just busy, don't know them, have forgotten them - here they are in all their glory.

I will just assume that now that you know them, you will follow them and remind others who are not to do the same, because you love and value your guild. I will assume that if this is not the case, it will sort itself out.

I'm a dictator, but I strive to be a benevolent one. Help me out by just keeping your awesome dialed up to 10, and I'll keep my bitch switch in the off position. Party time all around. I resolve to be less checked out and make a more active effort. You resolve to make me proud. Win-win.

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