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re: Winter Veil 2017


It's that time of year again... when we're inundated with holiday spirit whether we like it or not, and if anyone was ever going to force something down your throat, it is DEFINITELY Ama.. 

Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a fun guild activity to encourage guildies to make new friends with people they might not normally interact with!

How it works:

    • Submit your name, and a short list of things you might like to receive as a gift. (ie. Amalthia - Battle pets, Tailoring Mats, Flasks)

Example of Email:  Amalthia - Int Flasks, Best in Slot Food, Battle Pets I don't have, Mounts

    • About a week before Christmas (Monday, December 18th) Ama will take that list and use a random number generator to assign all sign ups a secret Santa from the pool and send everyone who they are assigned and their gift list via in game mail. 
    • You pick something from Their list, and in-game mail it to them on December 24th. 



    • You must be in the guild, and active to participate.
    • If you submit your name, you must also give your assigned guildy a gift.
    • If you gquit, or go offline for a long stretch of time your name will be pulled out of the pool.
    • Do not make unreasonable requests (ie. I REALLY want a Vial of the sands!) or, since it never hurts to ASK, pose your requests like this: Actual Requests: Flasks, Pets I don't have, Gems I need (name them) Fantasy Requests: Vial of the sands
    • Try to stick to the requested gift list. It is OK to spend real money at the blizzard store (Game time/pets/etc.) But MAKE SURE the person does not have whatever you bought first (Check the armory)
    • You may not choose your Secret Santa recipient, nor trade them for another one, you get who you get.


To put your name in the Pool either send Amalthia (PLEASE, not all my alts, JUST Amalthia - My Druid) and In-game mail Titled: "Christmas" with your MAIN TOON (the one everyone knows you by, or you're marked as in the roster) and your wish list. Or you can reply to this thread (hit the reply button) and give the same information.  

Christmas Party

The Christmas Party will be December 24th, 5pm Server on (Subject to change). We realize lots of people will not be able to make the party because of family obligations, and that's ok. (Mail your secret Santa gift to the recipient either in the morning, or before you leave town)

We'll all be meeting online and in Discord to hang out and possibly run things together. In commemoration of an EPIC tantrum thrown four years ago, when we wouldn't leave our Christmas Party and go kill the Sha, we used to kill the Sha or Anger wearing Santa Suits. Because we're assholes. But now any one of us can basically solo him, so if you kill the Sha in your Santa suit, screen shot it and we'll make a collage of the images, so post them here for posterity!

 Have Ideas? Share them! We'll incorporate them into our celebrations!

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