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re: Guild Raiding


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Raiding with Midnight Carnival

Midnight Carnival's progression team is a Contractual Casual group, meaning we do not do hardcore progression, nor Mythic (Because we don't have a large enough team) but we are NOT an "At Will" casual group. To be on the team you must fill out an Application, meet all minimum requirements, and maintain an 80% or better attendance record. If you, at any time, cease to maintain personal standards or attendance requirements, you will be warned and without subsequent improvement, dropped from the team. 

Minimum Gear Requirements to Join the Raid Team

You are expected to meet this criteria BEFORE you apply. Please do not apply until you do. Raid nights are Tuesday & Thursday, 6-9p MST (server). You must commit to both full nights or we cannot accept you to this team. 

  • Level 110 (Will not "hold" spots)
  • 850 ilvl Fully Gemmed and Enchanted
  • a minimum output of 180K dps/150K hps on Normal+ Level Fights* 
  • Discord (Mic not required)
  • DBM Add-on (This is not negotiable)
  • Once accepted to the team you will be assigned a boss fight. It is your responsibility to create the strategy for this fight, including but not limited to, positioning, ability handling, class rolls (tank swaps, heal cd's, heroism, etc.) and knowing all pertinent data on the fight so you can both lead the group and answer all questions. (Copy and Pasting will not accomplish this, you need to actually LEARN your fight) and submit it to the Raid leads (Amastrasza, Farvin) prior to raid night, regardless of where in the tier your boss is. (Note: The Raid Leads may choose a different Strategy on Boss Night, Based on Team Composition or other factors.)

*Target Dummies/LFR are not sufficient indicators of DPS

Expectations once you are accepted: 

  • Show up on time, every raid night (See Raid Rules for exceptions) maintaining 80% or better attendance
  • Be Fully Prepared (Repaired, Flasks/Potions ready, Roll Coins already gotten, Addons up to date)
  • Prepare for boss encounters by studying the fight mechanics online AND running Mythic+ (Not "or", AND), meaning on raid nights you know what you're doing (have a baseline). 
  • Continue to improve your gear between raid nights
  • Have a firm understand of your class and ALL it's mechanics, so they can be properly applied to raid mechanics 

For Full Details, including rules, loot distribution, and conduct expectations, click go to "Guild Raiding" to apply fill out a "Legion Raiding Application" and one of the two raid leads will contact you about setting up an interview. Please read and fill it out carefully, and missed or ignored questions could result in rejection. (Paying attention is a huge thing in raiding.) 

Current Raiding Needs:

Right now we can accept 4 ranged and one Melee DPS. Any of those who come with a viable healing offspec would be given priority consideration. (at least 20 points in)

We Most need a hunter, an Spriest and a Boomkin, as ranged, for class diversity. We already have a mage and two warlocks. We also have more melee than we need so far, so we'd like to accept at least two ranged before we take on a melee. A DK or Rogue Melee would be ideal. 

Raid nights are Tuesday & Thursday, 6-9p MST (server). You must commit to both full nights or we cannot accept you to this team. 

Be part of our team, have some fun, get some loots.  

Be Part of the Adventure! 

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