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re: Mechanics Spreadsheet


When learning a new fight, even before you see the visuals, it's helpful to brainstorm what is expected during the encounter so you are prepared. A chart, or spreadsheet, of what you have to do is an amazing tool while first learning. 

Nythendrea: Emerald Nightmare

If the boss casts: Then I: If I was successful:
Rot Icon Rot Stay 8 yards from all players and run to the wall to drop Infested Ground Icon Infested Ground I drop Infested Ground Icon Infested Ground against the wall and run out of it. I did NOT cause any Infested Icon Infested stacks to my raid. 
Infested Breath Icon Infested Breath Stop what I'm doing and run away I did not take damage from Infested Breath Icon Infested Breath or gain any Infested Icon Infested stacks
Heart of the Swarm Icon Heart of the Swarm (p2) Get to the other side of the Dragon, and avoid bugs.  Burst of Corruption  did not hit me, and I did not gain any Infested Icon Infested stacks
Volatile Rot Icon Volatile Rot  (tank) I run as far away from the raid as possible before the 8 second explosion. Damage taken from  Volatile Rot Icon Volatile Rot was minimal and my Infested Ground Icon Infested Ground  patch is against a wall, out of the way. 

Try your own and see if it helps :) 

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