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re: Open Raid - Rules and Guidelines



Open Raid, Unlike Progression Raiding, is much less disciplined and more fun and learning based. There is no "set" team, and you are not required to show up UNLESS YOU SIGN UP. Week to week if not enough people sign up for open raid to fill a viable group (2 tanks, 3 healers, 5+ dps) it will be CANCELLED. We will almost always be raiding Current Tier on NORMAL unless expressly specified. 

Open raid exists to teach you the boss fights, allow you to raid the current tier, and give you a better understanding of your class. While the format is pretty relaxed, there are certain expectations you should be aware of. 

Table of Contents


To Sign up for Open Raid:

Please open your in-game calendar and hit "Accept." Tentatives will not be counted towards group viability as they have not committed. Attempt not to use tentative at all and instead only sign up when you are positive you can be there. 

Minimum Gear Requirements to Join the Raid Team

You are expected to meet this criteria BEFORE you sign up on the in game calendar. Raid nights are Friday & Saturday, 6-9p MST (server). 

  • Max Level
  • Raid appropriate ilvl Fully Gemmed and Enchanted (See Gearing Guide)
  • Class based acceptable output of dps/hps/mitigation on Normal+ Level Fights* 
  • Discord (Mic not required) - Communication is key. 

*Target Dummies/LFR are not sufficient indicators of DPS


  • Show up on time
  • Be Fully Prepared (Repaired, Flasks/Potions ready, Roll Coins already gotten, Addons up to date)
  • Prepare for boss encounters by studying the fight mechanics online. Directions will be given but knowing what you're doing ahead of time helps us get farther. 
  • Have a firm understand of your class and ALL it's mechanics, so they can be properly applied to raid mechanics 

Loot Distribution:

You may only NEED on one normal Item and one Teir Item per night. This will reset from week to week. 

This means Looting is 1 Need. Period. 

You may trade loot to reset your Need roll, with permission. When trading gear, please keep in mind that healers and tanks solvency benefits the entire raid. (DPS should really trade gear to a Tank or Healer before anyone else.) 

Rolling on Loot works as follows:

  • You may only roll Need on your IDEAL stats. (Your top 3 secondaries)
  • You may roll one Need (separate roll) on a tier token.
  • You must roll greed on gear sporting non optimal stats (Your bottom secondaries), if you already used your need, or if you are rolling on tier tokens you already have (looking for bonus stats). 
  • If you cannot use an item, or it is not an upgrade at all for you, you must pass. 
  • You may roll Need until you win, you must roll greed after you do. 
  • BOE's, if not Personal loot, must be Equipped immediately if rolled for, else they go to the Bank for sale.
  • We do not roll for off spec, DE, or Transmog, unless explicitly given permission to do so.   
  • All Shards go to the Guild Bank


Things to note:

  • A Viable Group consists of 2T:3H:2M:3R.
  • If you play a class we can't use, you will have to be back up (Ex. You are ONLY a tank, and we already have two)
    • Note: Everyone should have a viable main and off spec, for maximum efficiency
  • If we have too many DPS and not enough healers to support them, people will need to be sat. We will maintain the 2T:3H:2M:3R ratio as closely as possible with whom we take. (If we need heals and you CAN heal, change your spec, gear it, and do it. People who cannot adapt are more likely to be sat)
  • Whining about needing a piece of gear and someone else got it will not be tolerated. Put on your big kid panties and deal with it.
  • If you are Lazy, being carried, and unprepared, you may not raid. You will not be invited and you will be removed mid-raid if necessary.

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re: Open Raid - Rules and Guidelines


Open Raid has been suspended for consistent lack of interest.

But if you're interested in starting it back up, feel free to add a guild event to the in-game calendar and get people involved :) 

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