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re: Legion: Gearing to Meet Minimum Requirements


To be updated as resources become available.

Originally posted by Shadesmar on MMO-Champion

Currently there are numerous ways to gear up your character before the raids and Mythic+ are released. I will update this post if you guys have useful additions. 

  1. Heroic Dungeons give ilvl 825 gear, can be titanforged. Item drops can be titan-forged to 850 before Emerald Nightmare, 895 after the release. Feel free to correct me if this is wrong.

  2. Mythic dungeons give ilvl 840 gear, can be titanforged. Mythic dungeons seems to have a one week lockout. 

  3. Many factions also provide you with items when you reach revered and exalted levels. Most factions provide you with a 820 item when you're revered and 850 item when you reach exalted. The Nightfallen (Suramar faction) gives you a 850 necklace for being revered. 

  4. Professions give you access to ilvl 815 gear. These can be upgraded to 850 through obliterum (which can be bought of the AH). There's no limit to the amount of profession items you can wear on your character. 

  5. World quests give access to ilvl 805 gear, but automatically gives better gear (up to ilvl 830) as your average ilvl increases.

  6. Finishing your class order quest chain will unlock a third relic slot for your Artifact weapon. As of now I am unsure how hard this will be, but I'm hoping this should be feasible within the first 2.5-3 weeks. I know some quests in the class order hall force you to do missions from the mission table (which can take multiple days, similarly to shipyard quest chain), but as of now I don't know if these are required for the third relic slot or how long this will take in total. 

  7. You can get 800+ ilvl gear from PvP. However, as of now I'm unsure whether PvP is better than heroic dungeon spamming for gearing up, I doubt so however.

  8. Your Class Hall gives access to an 8 piece set. The pieces on this set range from ilvl 810 to 840, but every piece can be upgraded to 840 if you have access to a certain item. Every piece has to be bought and unlocked with certain requirements. The 2/4 set bonus are non-raid related. The 6 set bonus gives 1000 of your main stat and the 8 set bonus consistently gives you procs that give you 2000 in your most important secondary stat. You can find a really good overview below (credits to jjanchan on wowhead!):

Note, it costs quite a bit of order hall resources to buy these class hall order sets. I know researching your class hall also costs a lot of order hall resources (researching will be necessary to wear your 2nd legendary item). Anyone knows how abundant order hall resources will be at max level?

Nymrohd suggests the following 'priority' order when you're looking to gear up your character in an efficient way:

  1. Class Hall Campaign to end, for third relic slot (by far and away the most important power jump)
  2. Mythic Dungeon Clear, every dungeon, every week
  3. World Quests that offer gear; make certain that if you are near an ilvl breakpoint, you check if there is a simple way to go past the breakpoint so you can jump to it.
  4. Spam Heroics
  5. Once the raid opens, try and craft 850 items for your weakest slots.

This seems like a solid way to gear up. It seems it's not worth it to try and get your class order set to full ilvl 840. This would cost a lot of order hall resources and you probably want to invest this into getting your second legendary slot asap (although it kind of depends on how fast you can get two legendaries).

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re: Legion: Gearing to Meet Minimum Requirements


Legion Gearing, Legendary, and Class Hall Guides

Another day closer to Legion; here's another guide spotlight on interesting Legion topics! Today we are highlighting gear and Class Halls.

Gear Overviews

Gear in Legion is designed around a fresh perspective; there are equivalent gearing paths and gear from most content has a small chance to proc the highest possible item level. For a few weeks at launch, the maximum cap is 850; it will increase to 895 later in Legion.

If an item appears up to 15 ilvls above the base, it will be marked as Warforged in the tooltip. If an item procs +15 or higher, it wll be marked as Titanforged. For example, If you love solo questing, there's a small chance your rewards from World Quests can proc Titanforged and be the same level as loot from a Mythic Dungeon.

Gearing Up Before Raids in Legion covers all the different ways to acquire loot in early Legion, before The Emerald Nightmare opens:
  • Mythic Dungeon loot starts at 840; we have strategy guides to all of these dungeons.
  • World Quests are a new max-level quest system. There is a small chance these quests will reward gear; the rewards start at ilvl 805 and progressively better ones are available as your ilvl increases.
  • Crafted Gear: The best crafted gear starts at ilvl 815 after completing a long questline. This can be upgraded to 850 via the Obliterum Forge and  Obliterum, which is created by incinerating old crafted gear.
  • Class Hall Set: Each piece of the Class Hall set is acquired by completing Legion Content, such as killing dungeon bosses or earning reputation. Each piece has a fixed ilvl between 810 and 850, and players can purchase upgrade tokens so eventually the full set can reach 840 (with shoulders at 850).
  • World Bosses are up at launch, when their corresponding World Quest is up. They drop 850 loot; after raids open, they will drop 860 loot.
  • Reputation Gear: There are ilvl 820 items at Honored and ilvl 850 items at Exalted. Nightfallen reputation also has a few more items at Friendly and Revered.
  • Legendaries are ilvl 895 world drops and come with a powerful effect which transforms one of your spec abilities. You can only equip one at launch.

Legendary Overviews

The Guide to Legion Legendaries covers the following: We also have a new legendary guide covering the lighter side of these items: Legendary Flavor Text, References, and Appearances. Some of the fun details include:

Class Hall Guides

Late last week, we shared the Legion Class Hall Mission Guide by Tritox, the author of the Warlords Follower and Shipyard guides. This covers everything about quest campaigns, champions, troops, how to get Order Hall Resources, and how Legion missions work.

We've gone back and written guides to several more popular Class Hall Topics:
  • Acquiring and Spending Order Resources: You will need this currency to progress in Order Advancement, Artifact Knowledge, Missions, and more.
  • Order Advancement Tech Tree and Rewards: This system has six tiers, allowing you to pick between abilities that buff your Class Hall. It culminates in Tier 6 with an ability that lets you equip two legendaries at once. There are also some interesting Tier 2 abilities along the way, which reward hidden artifact appearances, toys, and pets!
  • Legion Class Hall Overview: Originally written back in the alpha when Class Halls were instead Order Halls, we've given this guide a fresh coat of paint with updated locations to all the class halls, how to acquire the Class Hall Set, videos of each Class Hall, and a list of all the unique things to do in your Class Hall like speccing your Artifact.

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