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re: Midnight Carnival: Legion


Guild News:

New Intro

Thanks to our members (Albric, Foly & Ama) for funding this great "Official Introduction" for our future Guild Youtube videos. 

Open Guild Raiding:

Remember, Sign up on the in-game calendar to go with the raid team on their normal raid nights from now until August 25th. Open raid will then go on Hiatus until October 7th when it resumes every Friday and Saturday, to allow everyone time to get to 110. 

Legion Guild Raiding:

There will be two types of Raiding in Legion. Semi-Hardcore Progression and Open Guild

Open Raid - is intended to be take all comers, relaxed, and non-progression based. It's for fun, and gear, with only a minimum personal gearing requirement and a promise to show up on time and prepared to go, when you sign up. 

The Progression team - is intended to be a work and Commitment based team, focused on downing bosses as quickly and as soon as possible. Requiring an application, attendance ratio, personal commitment, work AND homework, healthy attitude, and personal responsibility.

The application will open on September 6th with Raiding intended to start running drills September 13 (Subject to change) However if Legion sticks to the same release schedule as WOD raiding will be approximately as follows:

  • Week 0: Expansion release (August 30th) - Level to 110 and begin gearing to meet min Req. 
  • Week 1: Raid Application Opens (September 6th) - Interviews and Boss Fights assigned
  • Week 4: Emerald nightmare opens (September 20) Raid Team Begins
  • Week 5: Mythic+Raid finder wing 1 open (first 3 bosses) (September 27) Open Raid Begins Sept. 30th
  • Week 7: Raid finder wing 2 open (another 3 bosses) (October 11)
  • Week 9: Raid finder wing 3 open (Last boss only) (October 25)

You will be assigned and interview date, and a boss fight which you will be responsible for creating a full strategy to be submitted to the raid leads ON YOUR INTERVIEW DATE. You must have 100% raid night availability (no lates, or misses) and understand that if you are late, do not perform well or have a shit attitude that you will be sat.

This is not just for fun, this is to test limits, server rank, and gear. If it seems like too much work, it's not intended for you, open raid is. Come have fun with us there. Full details, including all expectations (In progress, changing as data does) are available on the Guild Raiding Tab and under the Guild Raiding Forums. 

Warcraft News:

Here is a compiled list of resource guides. What to do next, how to do it, where to go for what you need, etc. 

Class Guides:


New Feature Guides:


August 2016 - Demon Hunters and Invasions:


Artifacts - What, where, and how: 


Other things to know:


General Good to BookMark Links:


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