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re: Raid Team Assignment Strategies


Il'gynoth ( Pronounced; Ill-Gi-Noth ) takes place in the nightmare version of Un'Goro Crater. He can be encountered as the second, third, fourth or Firth boss of the raid after killing. Nythendra. 


Quick and Dirty Guide. 

This Fight has 2 repeating phases and is about properly managing the Adds with a slight DPS race to complete the fight. 

At the start of the fight, players will encounter Il'gynoth eyestalks and tentacles. The huge Eye blocks the path to the heart of Il'gynoth.  Killing the the Tentacles spawns Nightmare ichor Globules, these need to be kited to the Eye where they are killed, which explode to damage the Eye. This is the only way to kill the eye blocking the players way. 

Once the Eye is killed, players can enter the center and damage the Il'gynoth directly for a limited amount of time. Once the itme is up the eye Reforms and blocks the entrance once more. Any players left inside will Die instantly.  These two phases repeat until Il'gynoth is killed. 


Tanks - Phase1 - Pick up Dominator Tentacles channel "Nightmare Fury" Deals heavy Dmg. Avoid Ground Slam
                         Pick up Nightmare Horror ( Big Add) and face way from raid so players do not ge thit by Eye                              Beam  Move Add from Pools it spawns on ground. Taks swap on 3 eyes of Fate fro horror. 
             Phase2 - Nothing to Tank DPS like your Mommy told ya.  Run to Edge if you are targeted by Curse                                    blood spread out -- Get of Chamber before Phase2 Ends 

DPS -     Phase1 - DPS Tentacles and other adds, Move away from Raid when Affected by Spew Corruption                                    Interrupt Tentacles Mind Flay. Kite Ichors to Eye to be killed to dmg Eye.  Avoid Players                                      Targeted by Ground Slam

              Phase2 - Use Cool downs, DPS like Mad and spread out to edges if targeted by Curse blood. Run out                                before end of Phase 2

Healers - Phase1 Tentacles and horrors deal eheavy dmg to tanks, Keep layers up randomly targeted by Eye                                 laser.  Kite Ichors liek DPS  Move away from raid when affected by Spew Corruption

              Phase2 - Heal players Targeted by Cursed blood, Run to edge if you are targeted. Get out of chamber                               before end of phase2


Il'Gynoth Main Strategy

Phase 1: Bad Hentai Tentacle Porn movie

The Main Goal is to defeat the Eye of Il'gynoth which blocks players from entering the center of the tree and killing the heart of Corruption, Il'gynoth himself. 

The Eye of Il'gynoth can not be Damaged via Conventional means due to his "Stuff of Nightmares" buff. 
To Damage the Eye. Players must defeat the adds that spawn gradually around the playing field. Killing these adds spawn Nightmare Ichors, which are slimes that will "Fixate" on a random player. Players must kite the slime to the eye, and there it can be Stunned, Slowed, Snared, Rooted etc.. to be then AoE down with other slimes.. On Death the Slimes explode and will also damage the Eye. However the explosion will ALSO damage players with in its area effect.  

The Raid Must detonate 20 Slimes next to the Eye in order to kill the Eye of Il'gynoth and start Phase2. 

There are Four Types of Adds the the Raid will be killing during the Fight. On death each add will generate nightmare Ichors ( Slimes) to be kited to the Eye. 

Dominator Tentacles -  There are two of these at the start of the encounter.  Each Tank Must pick one up. It is also a good idea to assign at least 1 Melee DPS to a tentacle with a tank to ensure they are being hit by Melee. This will avoid the Tentacle casting a Raid Damaging AoE called Rupturing Roar.  These Tentacles deal Heavy Damage to the Tanks and Tanks should use active mitigation and cool downs to survive.  Finally the Dominator Tentacle will also randomly target a player and use Ground Slam. The Target is marked by a Red Arrow has 2- 3 seconds to position themselves so the ground slam doesn't effect other players. 

Deathglare Tentacles - soon into the fight these will spawn. They do not need to be tanked as they do not do any melee damage. They will target non tank players and Mindflay them. This deals heavy damage and Mindflay should be interrupted. These Tentacles can also be stunned to stop the cast of Mind Flay. 

Nightmare Horror - The nightmare Horror must be tanked and it deals heavy melee Damage. Every 10 sconds the Horror casts Eye of Fate and deals heavy damage to any one in the beams path. The Tank must positiong the the Horror so it does the beam away from the raid.  The Horror will also drop pools at its feet called Nightmare Corruption, and will need to be moved to avoid melee DPS having to stand in the pool.  After three Eye of Fates the Tank will need to swap with another tank as each Eye Fate increased the Damange of the next Eye of Fate. The Nightmare horror is a lower priority on the kill list and can be kited to other higher priority MOBS like the Dominator Tentacles.

Corruptor Tentacles - Spawn and will choose Random non tank targets for Spew Corruption. This deals instance damage to the target and debuffs for 10 seconds. While Debuffed the player will take dmg every 2 seconds and create a patch of Nightmare corruption on the ground beneath their feet. Players who are targeted should quickly move to the edges of the raid and drop their pools so they overlap. Players should use dmg reduction abilities and stay in the range of healers. 

Eye of il'gynoth - Finally the Eye will randomly target non tank players and attack them with Nightmare Gaze. It can not be interrupted and deals moderate dmg. healers should top them off to ensure they do not get hit again, which is totally possible because RNG hates them more than other players. 

Strategy: Phase 1

Tanks should Tank the dominator Tentacles. and the nightmare horror. The Tentacle gets kill priority over the Horror. The horror should be killed when no tentacles and/or side damaged via cleave abilities until death. Players should avoid Ground Slam from the tentacles. 

Kill the Adds as they spawn,  Kite Nightmare ichors to the Eye of Il'gynoth so their explosion will Damage the Eye.  After the 20th Ichor explodes over the eye, Kill any remaining adds before you enter the heart. 

Interrupt the Deathglare Mindflay, and run out of the area if targeted by Spew Corruption. 

It is best to group of the ichors before kiting them to the eye to be killed. This allows more time to spend on priority targets and avoid unnecessary movement or premature explosion. 


Phase 2: Chemotherapy Justice. 

The Object of this Phase is to DPS down Il'gynoth. It is a race to whittle down as much as his Health as possible before Phase 2 ends reverting back to Phase 1.  Once this Phase Ends any players left in his room will immediately die. 

As soon as the Raid successfully complete phase one and the Eye of Il'gynoth dies, Il'gynoth will begin to cast Dark Reconstitution

This Spell has a 50 second cast time.  When the cast completes The Eye is Re-birthed, and any players still within Il'Gynoth's rooms will be instantly killed.  As a Raid Player should begin to leave when there is 5 seconds remaining to ensure they do not get Cancer'd to death by the Tree Tumor.  The Average time players have to damage Il'gynoth is around 40 seconds. 

It is Recommended to use ALL cool down ( save bloodlust etc ) during this first phase2 and get Il'Gynoth down as much as possible. 

During the fight, Il'Gynoth will select 6 random Targets and Debuff them with Cursed Blood. The players will take moderate damage for 8 Seconds. Whenit Fades it will detonate dealing heavy Damage to the Targets and players with in 11 yards.  

To combat Cursed blood there will be a visual Circle on the screen indicating the 11 yard area around the player. the Players if debuffed with Cursed blood should Run to the Edges of the playing field and spread out to ensure they do not overlap with other players who also have curse blood. Healers should make it a priority to top these players off with Hots and Heal spells. 

The Raid as a whole can use the 3rd cast of Curse blood as a benchmark on when it is time to start leaving the heart to prepare for phase 1. 


Players will begin Phase 1 again. Upon Completing phase 1 for a second time Il'Gynoth will begin to cast FINAL TORPOR.  This is a 90 second cast that once complete will completely wipe the raid. This can not be interrupted healed through etc... This is consider a Hard Enrange for this encounter.  

Ilgynoth Must be killed during this 2nd phase 2, and is a good time to cast bloodlust etc to ensure maxim damage out put is put towards the boss to his Death! If not Raid will wipe. Resetting the encounter 



















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re: Emerald Nightmare - Cenarius


1. General Information

This is a two-phase encounter.  The first phase is about proper add management.  The second phase is a burn phase with a soft enrage.

2. Location

Emerald Nightmare

3. Overview of the fight

Kite things away from the raid and yourself, interrupt things that can be interrupted, focus on adds before boss, don't stand in things you're not supposed to, save major cds for burn phase

4. Abilities

Phase 1:


 - Creeping Nightmare - deals ticking shadow damage, stacks, can only be cleansed by standing in cleansed ground (don't waste it by going in with low stacks)

 - Nightmare Brambles - fixates a random player and leaves brambles on the ground, rooting and dealing lots of damage to those that get caught in it

 - Aura of Dread Thorns - reflective aura the boss applies at times, don't damage into it (especially with burst abilities)

 - Nightmare Blast - cone attack that deal moderate shadow damage and applies a debuff increasing damage taken from the ability, debuff stacks

Corrupted Wisp:

 - Destructive Nightmares: deals aoe shadow damage once the add reaches its highest aggro target

 - Corrupted Detonate: deals raid-wide shadow damage upon death, be careful with mass burst aoe

Nightmare Ancient:

 - Dessicating Stomp: deals massive shadow damage split among all targets in range (8 yards), if nobody soaks it deals raid-wide shadow damage

Rotten Drake:

 - Rotten Breath - targets a random player and breathes fire in that direction

 - Nightmare Buffet - pulsates raid-wide damage at low health and applies a stacking debuff increasing shadow damage

Twisted Sisters:

 - Nightmare Javelin - places a debuff on players that deals aoe damage to the player and those in their aoe

 - Twisted Touch of Life - places a hot on targets, interrupt or purge before the hot can tick (very risky)

 - Scorned Touch - debuff that deals shadow damage and slows movement speed, spreads to other players so move away from the raid

Phase 2:


 - Creeping Nightmare - deals ticking shadow damage, stacks, can only be cleansed by standing in cleansed ground (don't waste it by going in with low stacks)

 - Beasts of Nightmare - leaves void zones on the ground, kite boss away

 - Nightmare Brambles - fixates a random player and leaves brambles on the ground, rooting and dealing lots of damage to those that get caught in it

 - Spear of Nightmares - deals massive damage to the tank and leaves a void zone proportional to the damage taken

 - Entangling Nightmares - roots and stuns Malfurion, ignore on normal, kill on heroic

5. Strategy

Phase 1:

  Raid: Cleanse the Rotten Drake if up, otherwise cleanse the Nightmare Ancient, clear Creeping Nightmares once stacks get to 20-30 (stand in the patch of green), kite Nightmare Brambles away from the raid if fixated, help soak Nightmare Ancient's stomp unless fixated by Nightmare Brambles

  Tanks: One tanks the boss, the other tanks the adds, the boss tank takes the boss to the add we want to cleanse, when the adds are active take them away from the boss (30 yards), swap after adds are cleared to clear stacks from Nightmare Blast

  Dps: Dps the adds in the following priority: Wisps, Twisted Sisters, Rotten Drake, Nightmare Ancient, interrupt the heal cast from the Twisted Sisters, if for some reason the cast gets through, purge the hot, don't damage into Aura of Dread Thorns, move away from raid if you have aoe debuff

  Healers: Heal the raid, dispel people that get rooted by Nightmare Brambles (will die if you don't), pay extra attention to those with high stacks of Creeping Nightmares

Phase 2:

  Raid: Continue kiting Nightmare Brambles away from the raid, ignore Malfurion roots, pop Hero

  Tanks: Swap on Spear of Nightmares, kite away from resulting void zone (dependant on how much damage was taken so use active mitigation for it at least, damage reduction cd if available)

  Dps: Save cds/pots for burn phase, burn boss, use def cds once stacks of Creeping Nightmares gets high (won't be cleansed unless strat changes to where we free Malfurion)

  Healers: Same as phase one

6. When to use hero

At the start of phase two

7. Avoiding wipes

Do what you can to not die, as that places a larger burden on the rest of the raid

8. Learning the fight

Trial and error, like any progression fight we'll have to see it and practice it before getting a solid handle on the mechanics and how to deal with them

9. Concluding remarks

The priority for cleansing adds is not set in stone and is predicated on the healers having mana and healing issues at the beginning of an expansion, it can change to an order more suitable if the healers don't need the extra help


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re: Cenarius Strat


Emerald Nightmare



Image result for cenarius wow legion

Location: Cenarius is the sixth boss in the Emerald Nightmare raid. This raid is located in northern Val’Sharah.


Very Brief Overview: This Fight is a 2 phase fight.  The first phase lasts till 30% and contains a number of adds.  Add Control is the key factor to this fight.  Once 30% is hit it becomes a burn phase that requires some kiting. As of right now there is no enrage timer... I believe the soft enrage is about healers keeping us alive and still having mana...



Before getting to the strategies of the fight lets go into the abilities of the boss and adds.  This fight is contingent on knowing what to do with each add at that specific time. So this seems to be a fun, versatile and ever changing fight.:

Boss Abilities Cenarius:

Aura of Dread Thorns: Adds reflect 50% of damage they take back to attacker if they are within 20 yards of Cenarius, 30yrds for heroic and mythic

Creeping nightmare: Stacking debuff that gets applied every 2 seconds to entire raid and increases damage taken by creeping nightmare by 20% so every stack is increased by 20% at 20 to 30 stacks we remove using cleansed ground.. more on that later..

Nightmare brambles: cast at a random location and fixate on a RANDOM player (pay attention to this guys!) and follows them for 20 secs! So kite it away from the raid due to the patches left behind stay in place and can cause much damage and root players! They can be removed by running into them certain classes have a spell that stops movement impairing affects.


Forces of nightmare: cast every 80 secs and causes 3 out of 4 inactive adds to spawn at various locations on the platform. We will talk about the adds in a minute!!

 Malfurian: This guy is on our side woot! I think he will do more than Jaina did in Seige with her Blizzard!!  He will cleanse one of the 3 adds so all we have to do is kill 2! Yes! alright much better than Jaina.. The add he cleanses is the one with the most players near it!  So we choose which one to cleanse.  When he cleanses, there is a green puddle on the ground this will cleanse the creeping nightmare stacks! But we must use it wisely because it will shrink for every use and there is only enough to cleanse 1 player each time it is out, so cleanse around 25 stacks. How to do this is just run in and out of the green ground very quickly, DO NOT STAND IN IT!!!



So now the adds summoned and their abilities!


Tormented Souls (looks like a tree) spawns:


5 Wisps when cleansed (they help removing stacks of Creeping Nightmares Wisps simply detonate at a random location, usually around the edges, leaving a small patch of Cleansed Ground that can be used a few times to reset stacks of Creeping Nightmares before disappearing.


5 Corrupted Wisps when not cleansed (they have low health and deal AoE damage). Corrupted Wisps fixate on a random raid member. When they reach their target, they deal AoE damage with Destructive Nightmares within 8 yards. Then they fixate on another raid member and so on until they die. These adds can be crowd-controlled (roots, stuns, knockbacks, etc. work).

Corrupted Sapling spawns:

Cleansed Ancient when cleansed (it regenerates the raid's Mana);

The Cleansed Ancient casts Replenishing Roots twice during the 1 minute that it helps your raid. This causes all raid members to regenerate 3% of their maximum Mana every second for 8 seconds. This will regenerate a total of 48% Mana for the healers. Wil be used in certain situations…

Nightmare Ancient when not cleansed (it deals AoE damage around itself).

The Nightmare Ancient casts Desiccating Stomp, which deals a very high amount of Shadow damage, split amongst all raid members within 8 yards. If no enemies are damaged by this ability, then every raid member takes a large amount of damage from Desiccation.  The more players in the more the damage is split! Must have at least 1 player in the area, melee, tank and who ever else is in the area...

Emerald Egg spawns:

1 Emerald Drake when cleansed (increases healing);

The Emerald Drake applies Ancient Dream to a tank every 30 seconds This increases healing received by 50% and causes the next deadly attack to bring the tank back to 50%. This effect will work on any player in the breath. I as a healer like this one

1 Rotten Drake when not cleansed (it deals AoE damage)


The Rotten Drake has a breath attack called Rotten Breath, which is cast at a random raid member. It deals low Shadow damage in the chosen direction every second for 4 seconds. Below 50%, it starts pulsating Nightmare Buffet every 2 seconds and it increases with each pulse! So burn this guy at low health. 

Corrupted Nature spawns:

1 Redeemed Sister when cleansed (helps with removing Nightmare Brambles Icon Nightmare Brambles and reducing incoming damage); The Redeemed Sister has one ability called Unbound Touch. She casts it twice during the minute she helps the raid. It targets a random raid member and grants them immunity to Shadow damage and movement impairing effects for 4 seconds. It also increases movement speed by 75%. When the 4 seconds are up, the buff expires and applies Unbound Essence to all allies within 6 yards. So get close to the player with the buff

1 Twisted Sister when not cleansed (it deals damage to the raid and heals allies). The Twisted Sister is the most complex of the adds. She melees her tank and has 3 abilities: Twisted Touch of Life, Nightmare Javelin, and Scorned Touch.

Twisted Touch of Life heals an ally for a small amount of health but then leaves a HoT on them that heals them for a massive amount every 2 seconds for 8 seconds. She usually only has time to cast this once. The cast itself can be interrupted and the HoT can be dispelled.

Nightmare Javelin is cast every 5 seconds. It targets a random raid member, inflicting low Shadow damage every second for 6 seconds to all allies within 4 yards.

Scorned Touch is cast every 20 seconds. It targets about 3 random raid members, instantly dealing high Shadow damage and reducing their movement speed by 30% for 12 seconds. When the 12 seconds are up, Scorned Touch spreads to every players within 8 yards (instantly dealing damage to them and reducing their movement speed by 30% for 12 seconds before spreading again to nearby players). So spread out this keeps on giving!

Phase 2 abilities start at 30%

Cenarius retains Creeping Nightmares and Nightmare Brambles, but gains 2 new abilities: Spear of Nightmares and Entangling Nightmares.

Spear of Nightmares is cast every 18 seconds. It deals extremely high damage to the current tank and increases damage taken by Spear of Nightmares by 100% for 25 seconds. In addition, it creates a large void zone at the tank's location. Its size is increased by the amount of damage the tank took from Spear of Nightmares. So use CD and Kite boss out of red void zone


Entangling Nightmares is cast every minute and engulfs Malfurion in Nightmare Roots, damaging him and preventing him from assisting your raid with Cleansed .The Nightmare Roots can be killed to free Malfurion.

So now that you are familiar with the Abilities( which are key in winning this fight)!

So positioning! There is no set positioning except to keep the adds 30 yards from Cenarius and other specific abilities!! So positioning is situational so stay aware and on your toes!

Spreading: Destructive nightmare 8 yards, Nightmare Javelin 4yards and Rotten breath stay out of!

Stack on Desiccating stomp spreads damage to all players! And stack on Unbound touch, emerald dream to get buff helpful!

Tanks: phase 1 no need for tank swap so 1 on boss and 1 on adds when he casts Forces of Nightmare Tank in middle once add is picked to cleanse run to add so it is cleansed! Second tank pics up adds not cleansed and tank away (30yards) from boss

Phase 2: hardest job is tank switching.. save CDs for Spear of Nightmares and kite out of red void zone then and swap!

Healers: (That’s me) Dispell ( if DPS can do this then DO IT)  Twisted Touch of Life from the Twisted Sisters, which places a very powerful HoT on the boss. This needs to be dispelled immediately, or expect to wipe! This ability has a cast time and DPS players should interrupt it, but if it goes through, healers need to step in. Other than that, you can dispel players rooted by Nightmare Brambles or players afflicted with Nightmare Javelin. If mana allows.

In terms of healing, you need to get used to the damage pattern of Creeping Nightmares which ramps up very very slowly and then almost completely disappears once players clear their stacks. Nightmare Buffet from the Rotten Drake seems like it requires a lot of healing attention, but the damage ramps up very slowly and the drake dies very quickly. Tank damage in Phase One is almost a non issue. The boss tank barely takes any damage. The add tank takes more damage, but for a short amount of time with a long period of relief in between. So, you will mostly be looking out for the occasional mistake: players hitting a patch of brambles, players caught in the Rotten Breath, Scorned Touch from the Twisted Sister spreading to other raid members, etc. This is still la heal intensive fight!

DPS: DPS the boss and switch to the adds when they appear, following the kill priority given earlier:

Corrupted Wisps; Twister Sister; Rotten Drake; Nightmare Ancient.

When a Twisted Sister is up, DPS players need to interrupt her cast of Twisted Touch of Life. She normally only have time to cast this once, so there is no excuse for letting the cast through.

In addition, melee DPS  and anyone close by without the brambles buff! should soak Desiccating Stomp with the adds tank.

Phase 2 BURN BURN BURN  Normal ignore Malfurian, Heroic Free Malvurion form the Brambles so we get Cleansed ground! And Kite Nightmare Brambles away from raid this does not ever go away till Cenerian is dead!


So now that you are familiar with the Abilities( which are key in winning this fight)!

So positioning! There is no set positioning except to keep the adds 30 yards from Cenarius and other specific abilities!! So positioning is situational so stay aware and on your toes!

Spreading: Destructive nightmare 8 yards, Nightmare Javelin 4yards and Rotten breath stay out of!

Stack on Desiccating stomp spreads damage to all players! And stack on Unbound touch, emerald dream to get buff helpful!

Tanks: phase 1 no need for tank swap so 1 on boss and 1 on adds when he casts Forces of Nightmare Tank in middle once add is picked to cleanse run to add so it is cleansed! Second tank pics up adds not cleansed and tank away (30yards) from boss

Phase 2: hardest job is tank switching.. save CDs for Spear of Nightmares and kite out of red void zone then and swap!


Healers: (That’s me) Dispell ( if DPS can do this then DO IT)  Twisted Touch of Life from the Twisted Sisters, which places a very powerful HoT on the boss. This needs to be dispelled immediately, or expect to wipe! This ability has a cast time and DPS players should interrupt it, but if it goes through, healers need to step in. Other than that, you can dispel players rooted by Nightmare Brambles or players afflicted with Nightmare Javelin. If mana allows.

In terms of healing, you need to get used to the damage pattern of Creeping Nightmares which ramps up very very slowly and then almost completely disappears once players clear their stacks. Nightmare Buffet from the Rotten Drake seems like it requires a lot of healing attention, but the damage ramps up very slowly and the drake dies very quickly. Tank damage in Phase One is almost a non issue. The boss tank barely takes any damage. The add tank takes more damage, but for a short amount of time with a long period of relief in between. So, you will mostly be looking out for the occasional mistake: players hitting a patch of brambles, players caught in the Rotten Breath, Scorned Touch from the Twisted Sister spreading to other raid members, etc. This is still la heal intensive fight!


DPS: DPS the boss and switch to the adds when they appear, following the kill priority listed below:

Corrupted Wisps; Twister Sister; Rotten Drake; Nightmare Ancient.

When a Twisted Sister is up, DPS players need to interrupt her cast of Twisted Touch of Life. She normally only have time to cast this once, so there is no excuse for letting the cast through. In addition, melee DPS  and anyone close by without the brambles buff! should soak Desiccating Stomp with the adds tank.


Phase 2 BURN BURN BURN  Normal ignore Malfurian, Heroic Free Malvurion form the Brambles so we get Cleansed ground! And Kite Nightmare Brambles away from raid this does not ever go away till Cenerian is dead!

So in the end this is an Add control fight in phase 1 with no real set positioning! We need to be very aware of our surroundings and act accordingly! Adds are priority over the boss! And 3 types of adds are randomly spawned so this will be a very reaction aware fight! Phase 2 burn phase with awareness to tank swapping and kiting buffs!


My opinion one of the harder but more thought provoking fights! Cannot wait to do this fight!




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re: Raid Team Assignment Strategies




Boss: Xavius


This is a 3 phase fight.

Room will appear foggy unless this has changed.


Nightmare Corruption-  Many of Xavius spells spread Nightmare Corruption to any player that gets hit.  The more corrupted a player becomes, the more the nightmare becomes real to them.   

An extra action bar will appear for the nightmare corruption, sorta like the one that Sha had in MoP raids.

If a player gets 33% corruption an add will appear just kill it.

at 66% corruption- circles on the ground will appear but only the players corrupted to 66% can see them.  Avoid standing in them.

at 100% corruption the player will gain a 300% extra damage increase for 30 sec.,  after the 30 secs. is up the player will become dominated (mind controlled) by Xavius.



Phase 1

During this phase Xavius has 4 abilities.  Darkening Soul, Lurking Corruption, Nightmare Blades, & Manifest Corruption.  When this encounter begins half of the raid will be put in a dream state, while the other half of the raid is awake.  This roughly lasts about 3 min or until players in the dream state get 100 of the nightmare corruption in which case they will wake up and lose the corruption that was gained in the dream state.

The first ability Darkening Soul affects the tanks.  This is a dispellable dot that does small bursts of AoE damage. The healer that dispells this dot should be in the dream (sleep) state because it gives 25 nightmare corruption.  Once dispelled off the tank, the tank will explode dealing damage to the raid.  

The second ability Lurking Corruption will randomly spawn an add; Lurking Terror,  under a ranged player.  This add cannot be cc'd or damaged.   During Lurking corruption players should stay loosely spread.  High damage will occur to anyone within 6 yrds of the lurking terror add.  This add will fixate on a player and when it reaches the player it will explode dealing high damage and applies 20 nightmare corruption.  A player in the dream state needs to intercept and walk in front of this add.   Players in the dream state should rotate on soaking these so that not one person in the dream state is taking all of the nightmare corruption.

The third ability Nightmare Blades is a debuff applied to 2 players at once.  At the end of this debuff, a large straight wall of blades will race across the room, intersecting the points where the 2 players where at.  It will knock-back players caught in its path.  Players that are marked should move out of the raid and try to position themselves so that the wall of blades does not hit other players.  This debuff goes on both melee and ranged.  Players with this buff should move out of the raid early.  This debuff generates 0 corruption. 

Later on in this phase Xavius will spawn Manifest Corruption.  This does small amounts of AoE damage to the raid.  It will spawn an add called Corruption Horror, The tank picking this add up should be the tank that is in the dream state and needs to move this add away from the raid.  This add has 2 abilities.  

1.  Tormenting Swipe.  

  •  This is a frontal swipe.  Anyone hit will get 10 nightmare corruption.  The tank that is in the Dream state should be the one to pick up this  add and move it away from the raid.

2.  Corrupting Nova

  • High damage and will give 5 nightmare corruption when players are hit. 


Phase 2  65% health.

During this phase Xavius's abilities he had in phase one are gone.  Instead He gains 3 new abilities.  Raid grp needs to loosely stack for this phase in 2 grps.  Grp 1 is the Dream state players on one side,  Grp 2 Awake players on the other side. 

1. Corruption Meteor

  • This is a debuff placed on a random player which will call down a meteor dealing high damage and applying 40 nightmare corruption.  The corruption and damage is spread equally between the players that are hit.
  • When the meteor comes in Dream state players need to be the grp to soak it.

2.  Bands of Terror.

  • This will link 2 players together by a chain.  Being linked together both players will take high damage.  To break the chain just move at least 3 yrds away.  

3.  Call of Nightmares.

  • Players will need to move for this ability.  
  • Mulitiply adds will spawn from this called Inconceivable Horrors.
  • The Inconceivable Horrors will spawn on the edge of the room and move towards the boss, Xavius.  (sort of like the water puddles for the first boss fight in MoP.)  These adds need to die ASAP to prevent AoE damage and nightmare corruption.  These adds can be stunned.  If the horrors reach Xavius they will pule out damage and 1 nightmare corruption per pulse on the raid.  When these adds die they will pop a pool called Tainted Discharge.  
  • Tainted Discharge will reform back into the add after 15 sec.  These pools need to be removed by players in the dream state.  Dream state players just stand in the pool til it is gone.  They will get some damage and 2 nightmare corruption per tic.

Tanks need to be on the lookout for Nightmare Infusion.  This will empower Xavius's melee attacks causing them to generate 5 corruption per hit for 30 secs.  If the awake tank is tanking Xavius when this happens he needs to swap for the Dream State tank to tank the boss.  

However this is not always possibly because of Blackening Soul.  This is a dispellable dot.  When the dot is dispelled it will give the dispeller 10 nightmare corruption.  But when dispelled 2 additional things will happen.

  1. Tanks will gain a new debuff called Blackened.  Blackened will increase the damage tanks take by 150% lasts awhile.  Tanks will need to swap on the 3 stack mark.  However the healers will dictate when the tanks switch because of them having to dispell Blackening soul to get the Blackened debuff.   It is best to nominate 1 healer that can tell the tanks when to swap.
  2. Pool of Tainted Discharge will spawn beneath feet.  This is the same pool that spawns the Inconceivable Horrors.  Dream state dps will need to soak these pools unless a tank that has low corruption is near one and can soak it.   SOAK THESE POOLS ASAP!


Phase 3  30% Health

 At this point it is unlikely that any raid member will be in the Dream state.  From this phase on players will no longer enter the dream state.  All will be awake.  The boss needs to die as quickly as possible before all players reach 100% nightmare corruption.

During this phase Xavius gains a mixture of abilities from the previous phases.

From phase 1

  • Nightmare Blades- players need to run out from raid
  • Darkening Soul- healers need to rotate dispelling this so one healer isn't taking all of the nightmare corruption.

From Phase 2

  • Nightmare infusion- Xavius melee increases Tanks need to swap between these to spread the nightmare corruption so one tank doesn't take the majority of the nightmare corruption.
  • Meteor-  each grp needs to soak now since no one will be in the dream state.

Xavius will also have 1 new ability in which he spawns lots and lots of Nightmare Tentacles.  The tentacles will spawn all over the room and cast Nightmare bolt a spell that deals small damage to a random player and applys 3 nightmare corruption.

Do not worry about killing these tentacles they have alot of hp and spawn fast.  Instead ignore the tentacles and just focus the boss down before raid gets 100 corruption and mind controlled.    Focus Xavius down and win the fight and enjoy the spoils.


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re: Raid Strategy



Potamus Raid Stratgy for Nythendra


Outside Sources Used :


Map Overview (sorry Im a crappy artist lol)




     Nythendra is a typical 2 phase dragon boss, including have a tail cleave when part members are behind her along with a cone breath attack that will focus a dps or healer.  The Main Tank will keep her faced away from the group, while the party is stacked in melee range in order to place their goo in a nice clean manner.

     There is a tank swap mechanic that needs to be swapped off each debuff called Volatile Rot, the debuffed tank needs to run to the outer ring of the arena preferably behind the group or at a very minimum in a safe distant not to get him(her)self killed or others with them.  Volatile Rot is also a tank buster so healers and tanks need to work together to live,  the MT can pop a bigger cool down or have the healer prep for the attack and have a quick big heal ready for it.

     While being stacked on either the left or right of Nythendra the party members need to on watch for their debuffs they are keeping an eye out for the Rot debuff.  Effected players need to run out of the group and let the debuff be cleanes / fall off (not 100% sure if cleans works yet).   After their poo is on the group they return to the group.  If Rot is not going out keep an eye on your feet for poo and avoid it as according.

     When Nythendra reaches 0 (zero) energy it will fall asleep and cast Heart of the Swarm.  This ability is also known as phase 2.  During the phase the group is free to losely spread while avoiding the poo and bugs that are building up to explode.  After around 20 sec she will awake and the fight will start over.


Strategy  Phase I


  • Main Tank faces Nythendrya away from group
  • Group stacks either left or right leg away from tank cleave 
  • Hero after tanks establish agro, to have the most optimal (in my opinion) up time for it
  • Group members affect by Rot run out along with tank swaps as needed as the debuff is applied
  • Always keep an eye on your feet, avoid goo, run out for Rot.  Ground poo its not a haste buff
  • As ground poo is dropped, the group needs to rotate clockwise trying to over lap the poo works well too to give more room for phase II
  • Avoid taking extra damage from all abilites minus tail swipe,  players recive a debuff that ticks and is stacked the more you eat boss mechanics

Strategy Phase II


  • Lose stack in a safe place
  • keep an eye out for goo that Nythendrya is moving back into her
  • Unforgettable bugs will start to swell up and blow up causing aoe damage if you are near
  • After 20 sec Phase I repeats



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re: Elerethe Renferal


Name: Qitarah, Feral Druid

Assigned Fight: Elerethe Renferal



Elerethe is a repeating two phase encounter, transitioning between spider and roc forms whenever she reaches 100 energy.  Each form has a different set of abilities the raid will need to look out for.  Priority target spiderling adds will spawn during her spider phase and during the transition between spider and roc forms.


Fight Location:

The encounter will take place on three floating islands connected by spider webs.  There are small spider eggs located around each island that should be avoided because they hatch additional spiderlings when touched. These adds are fairly weak, so they can dealt with easily.  After each Roc transformation, Elerethe will fly to the next island where the raid must engage her ASAP.  There are various hazards to avoid during the transition and everyone in the raid will take increasing shadow damage until they arrive at her platform.  


Spider Form:

Web of Pain- Elerethe will link two players together, mirroring all damage one takes to the other, and vice versa.  She will link the two tanks and two random dps.  Players will take increased damage if they are too far apart, denoted by the link glowing red.  Try to stay near your partner.

Feeding Time - Elerethe will retreat up into her web, spawning multiple Venomous Spiderlings.  These adds will apply a stacking poison debuff to their target and spawn a Venomous Pool when they die.

Vile Ambush -   After a few seconds, she will dive onto a random player.  This attack is near fatal and will deal damage to the whole raid.  The further away from the impact you are, the less damage you take, so you must at least get out of the green targeting circle.

Necrotic Plague - A 10 second debuff placed on random players, after which they begin bursting for AoE damage around that player for another 5 seconds.  Each burst will also leave behind more Venomous Pools.  Both the burst and the pools deal moderate damage so healers will need to pay attention to these players as they move away from the raid. 


Roc Form:

Gathering Clouds followed by platform change - Elerethe begins dealing heavy raid damage while pushing everybody backwards.  Walls are your friend during this ability.  Similar to Ji-Kun's ability in Throne of Thunder.

Feathers - After finishing Gathering Clouds, Elerethe will drop ~9 feathers to allow players to reach her new platform quicker.  Similar to the Alysrazor fight in Firelands.

Dark Storm - While flying to a new platform, Elerethe will begin dealing increasing shadow damage to the entire raid.  Players will continue taking damage until they reach her new platform.

Twisting Shadows - A 10 second debuff placed on random players, causing a tornado to spawn at that player's location when it expires.  While affected by the debuff, players can clean up the Venomous Pools.

Razor Wing - Elerethe will cast this attack at a random target.  It deals moderate damage and includes a knockback, but only hits players in a cone in front of her.  The knockback is most likely the more dangerous part of this ability as it can hit you into other things, such as Pools, Tornadoes, or Eggs.

Raking Talons - Elerethe will attack the tank twice in quick succession dealing 1.5 Million Damage, increasing the damage taken by Raking Talons by 100% each hit.  It it crucial that the tanks switch for each hit as this ability can easily kill the target.


General Strategy:

Here is a picture of the overall raid's movement for the encounter:

Spider Phase:

At the beginning of the fight, the main tank should try to position Elerethe on one end of the platform to leave plenty of room to escape the Vile Ambushes.  The first ability she will use is Web of Pain, linking two pairs of players together.  The first pair will be the two tanks, so they will need to stay close to each to avoid taking extra damage from their link.  The same goes for the two dps linked together.  The web will glow red if the players get too far away from each other, so keep this in mind if you are one of the linked players.

For positioning, I think the best strategy is to have the entire stack up near the boss so that Vile Ambush lands in a predictable location.  If we stay near her, the green lines denote how the entire raid should move during the ambushes.  Remember the further away you get, the less damage you take from the ability. 

Whenever Elerethe casts Vile Ambush, she will also spawn a number of Spiderling adds.  These should be picked up by the off tank and killed as soon as possible.  Each spider will apply a stacking poison to the tank, so healers should be prepared for heavy healing on both tanks (Since both tanks will be taking the damage because of Web of Pain).  These adds will drop poison pools when killed, so they should be taken away from the boss to avoid extra raid damage.  

During her spider phase, she will also inflict random players with Necrotic Plague.  These players will need to run as far away as possible to drop the poison pools in a safe location.  These players should make sure not to drop them in important locations, such as the Vile Ambush escape path or in front of the web bridges.  Furthermore, while dropping pools, the player should always keep moving to avoid taking damage from both the pools and debuff.  Movement increasing abilities, such as Sprint or Body and Soul, will help these players avoid the pools easier.

At 100 Energy, Elerethe will begin to transform into her Roc form.  The transformation takes about 8 seconds, during which she will not attack.


Roc Phase:

Immediately after transforming, Elerethe will begin to cast Gathering Clouds over the next few seconds. This is one of the most dangerous abilities of the encounter because it deals heavy raid damage while pushing everybody backwards.  Players will need to pay extra attention during this ability to avoid being pushed back into the various poison pools and spider eggs around the platform.  It can also push you off the platform completely. Standing in front of a wall will negate the push back, so positioning yourself before the ability is helpful.  To counter this ability, I would suggest the entire raid stack on the same wall so healers can AoE heal the raid easier.

After Gathering Clouds, Elerethe will then fly to the next platform while conjuring a Dark Storm.  Everyone will begin to take shadow damage, increasing by 5% every second, until they reach her new platform. While moving, Elerethe will drop ~9 feathers (I am unsure about the number, I found varying reports) which grant players a new ability.  This ability will increase the player's jump height and give them a slow fall effect to reach the new platform quicker.  It will also give them a dive bomb ability to squash the spiderling adds that spawn during the transition.  For the players who don't get a feather, they must run to the next platform using the web bridges.  These players will need to be careful while crossing the bridges because purple tornadoes will spawn in their way.  These tornadoes are extremely dangerous because they deal a moderate amount of damage and spit you out in a random direction, possibly off the edge.  A Spiderling add will also spawn for each player who touches the web bridge.  I recommend keeping at least one tank and one healer on the ground to handle these adds.

Once everyone is on the next platform, I recommend we resume the fight by stacking behind the boss.  This will allow easier maneuvering when Elerethe casts Razor Wing since it targets a random player.  When she casts this ability, everyone will need to move behind her to avoid taking damage and getting knocked back.

Elerethe will also place Twisting Shadows on random raid members during this phase.  After 10 seconds, a tornado will spawn at that player's location so they will need to run away from the raid while taking the same precautions as they did with Necrotic Plague.  It should be noted that players with this debuff can clean up Venomous Pools by walking through them.

The final ability Elerthe will use in this phase is Raking Talons, and it is extremely lethal for the tanks.  This ability performs two attacks in quick succession, with each hit causing a debuff that increases damage taken from Raking Talons by 100%.  It is essential for the second tank to taunt off the first as soon as the debuff is applied.  If all goes well, each tank will take one of the two hits.  During this ability, the tanks will need heavy healing.

When her energy reaches 100 again, she will begin the 8 second cast to transform back into a spider.  The phases will repeat until either she or the raid is dead.



DPS/Heroism - Since each phase is timed, the best time to use DPS cooldowns would be right at the start of the fight while there are not fewer things to worry about.  This would also allow for reuse of some dps cooldowns later in the fight.   

Healers - Healers will want to save their cooldowns for immediately after Vile Ambushes or during Gathering Clouds.  These moments will most likely be the highest periods of raid damage, assuming adds and debuffs are handled well.

According to one guide I found, absorbed damage is not mirrored to the Web of Pain partner, so any absorb abilities could be extremely useful for the tanks' healers.

Tanks - Tanks will most likely want save their strongest mitigation abilities for Raking Talons, as this ability hits extremely hard even without the debuff.  Whichever tank is assigned to handle the Venomous Spiderlings after Vile Ambushes and during the platform change should also save some cooldowns for these adds since the poison they apply can stack fairly quick.


Helpful Video from a healer's perspective:


General Guide:


Since a lot of this information is from alpha/beta, I can update as I find out more info.


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re: Cenarius


1)Overview – Cenarius is a two phase fight switching at 30%. Phase one is add management while cleansing one add to aid the raid.  Phase two is a burn phase where room becomes limited. 

2) Phase one 

Phase one has the raid group fighting Cenarius while managing his adds and ability. There is no tank swap in phase one. One tank will take Cenarius the other will deal with the adds. Thru out the fight Malfurion Stormrage will assist the raid thru cleansed ground then moved near by it. Add control is paramount during phase one. 

Tanking Cenarius at the edge of the room until a cleansed ground appears. Heroism should be save for Phase two. Healers may want to keep cool downs ready for rotten drakes and phase two as damage will ramp up quickly here.

Cleansed Ground is cast on the add with the most player near by. It will produce a patch of green grass used to clear creeping nightmares. Each time a players removes creeping nightmare the patch will shrink until gone. stepping in then out will remove all stacks of creeping nightmares.(fatboss cleared at 20-30 stacks).

Nightmare Brambles: A Bramble swarm fixates a player and chases them, leaving behind bramble patches as it travels. Standing in either the swarm or the patches will root a player and  deal high ticking damage over 6 seconds.

The player targeted by Nightmare Brambles must kite it away from the group. Be aware of positioning as it will leave behind bramble that will root anyone who walks thru.

Aura of Dread Thorns: An aura on Cenarius which grants nearby adds dread thorns.(lfr and normal 20 yards) (heroic and mythic 30 yards). This reflects 50% of damage taken back to player. Cenarius will gain this buff periodically.

The tank assigned to the adds will have to keep them at least 30 yards away from Cenarius.

Forces of nightmare: Cenarius summons 3 forces of nightmare to aid him. if not cleansed, an ally of nightmare will spawn after 10 seconds. Adds will be dormant for 10 seconds.

Cleansing priority will depend on the raids current needs. A basic kill order should be Corrupt Wisps> Twisted sisters > Rotten drake > Nightmare Ancient.  Wisps will die quickly but can cause massive damage to the raid if not stopped. Many of the Twisted sister abilitys can cause havoc for the raid group. As they can easily wipe the raid group if not handled properly.

 -Wisps: Spawn on the sides of the room. Dormant wisps show as trees called tormented souls. If not cleansed they will become corrupted wisps.

-Corrupted wisps will travel toward the player with the highest threat on them. upon reaching that player they will do a aoe burst around them. This should be killed quickly as they have low hp. Hunters can misdirect with barrage to tanks to help group them up.

-Cleansed wisps will drop small patches of cleaned ground. This will not cleans adds but will remove creeping nightmare stacks.

-Ancients: While dormant shows as nightmare sapling. If not cleansed it will become a "nightmare ancient"

-Nightmare ancients will attacks the group and cast "Desiccating Stomp" A stomp dealing large amount of damage split between all players in 8 yards. If no players are hit, the raid will take a huge burst of damage.

The raid should stack for this while keeping brambles out of stack.

Cleansing the sapling will get a "cleansed ancient".

-Cleansed ancients will cast "Replenishing roots" A channeled spell which gives nearby players 3% of max mana every second.

-Drake: while dormant is a large egg. It will become "Rotten drake" if not cleaned.

-Rotten drakes will cast "Rotten Breath". The drake will turn to face a random player and continuously inflict a high amount of shadow damage to any player in front of the drake over 4 seconds. When it reaches low health it will gain "Nightmare Buffet", At low health, the drake will blast the raid, dealing a large amount of damage to all players every 2 seconds.each subsequent blast deals 20% more damage. 

Cleansed drake will become "emerald drake".

-Emerald Drakes Will attack mobs and cast "Ancient Dream" The emerald drake will breathe towards the tank. (It seems to focus on cenarius tank). Applying a buff which increases all healing taken by 50% for of 15 seconds. The next attack that would otherwise kill you will instead cause you to be healed for 50% of your maximum HP. This removes the buff.

-Sisters: will show as butterflys called corrupt nature. if not cleaned they become "twisted sister". 

-Twisted sisters have 3 abilitys to watch for two which has a player separate from the raid.

"Nightmare Javelin" A debuff which deals ticking damage to the player and anyone within 4 yards every second for 6 seconds. Can be dispelled, should just spread

"Scorned Touch" A debuff which slows a player and applies a large circle around them. after 8 seconds the circle explodes dealing damage to players and spreading scorned touch to anyone within 8 yards. Cannot dispel.

"Twisted touch of life" An interruptible cast which heals a wounded add or boss for a small amount. This also applies a large dispellable hot to the target.

Cleansed sisters will be "redeemed sisters"

-Redeemed sisters cast "Unbound Touch" Grants immunity to shadow damage and movement impairing effects for 4 sec and increases movement speed bu 75%. After 4 seconds unbound touch will spread to all allies within 6 yards. This is good for clearing bramble patches.

During phase one the raid must choose which of these add to cleanse. As they will aid them thru the fight. 

3)Phase 2

Phase 2 will begin once Cenarius reaches 30% health. Add will stop spawning and he will lose Aura of Dread Thorns. All other ability are kept as well as gaining a new ones. 

Cenaruis will keep Creeping nightmares, Nightmare Brambles. He will gain Spear of nightmares and Entangling nightmares.

-Spear of Night Inflicts physical damage, and increases damage take from spear of nightmares by 100% for 25 seconds. Nightmares spawn at the target location. The size of the area is increased based on damage taken. This effect stacks. Tanks must use a defensive for this attack. Then perform a tank swap.

-Entangling Nightmares- Malfurion is tangled in nightmare roots, stunning him and inflicting shadow damage every second. The nightmare roots can be removed by destroying them.

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re: Raid Team Assignment Strategies


Il'Gynoth: The Heart of Corruption. AKA: The first boss from Kirby if someone fertilised him with the T Virus. 

1) Overview

   This is a repeating two phase encounter. Phase one consists of add management and timed kills of said adds in order to damage the large eye which blocks the way to...

    Phase two of the fight which will take place inside of the tree. Players will engage the heart of the corruption itself, and do as much damage as possible before once more having to retreat to begin phase one all over again. This process will rinse and repeat until either it is dead, or we are. 


2)Phase One Breakdown

   This fight uses mechanics very similar to those used in encounters from other raids. There are a handful of different add types which will each need to be dealt with in it's own way to both maximise DPS output and minimise raid wide damage. Killing each add will spawn 1, 2, or 4 Nightmare Ichor depending upon the mob elminated. Raid members will need to kite the Ichors until they are nearly dead, at which point they must be positioned within 15 yards of the centre eye in order to damage it during the resulting explosion. It is very much worth noting that raid members will also want to be clear of said explosion if at all possible. 

The detonation of 20 ichors within that 15 yard radius of the Eye will be required to open the passage to Phase 2

   Dominator Tentacles will emit raid wide massive damage unless tanked.Additionally each stationary tentacle has an ability called Nightmare's Fury which will deal massive damage to the tanks over periods of 6 seconds per instance. Active mitigation cooldowns should likely revolve around weathering this attack until the add has been sent to the Great Beyond. 

   Nightmare Horrors have high health and deal massive amounts of damage via a conical attack called Eye of Fate. Tanks will need to ensure that the add is facing away from as many other raid members as possible. This attack is used every 10 seconds. This attack also places a debuff on the tanks, requiring them to taunt off after 3 stacks. Once more active mitigation and perhaps even some heavier cooldowns will be needed upon receiving the 3rd stack.

   As is the case with so many bosses and subsequent minions, the Nightmare Horror also places things on the ground that should not be stood in. In this particular case it is called Seeping Corruption and will place pools of Corruption under itself, causing any players standing in it to be silenced and pacified. This creates the need for the tank to strike a balance between keeping the add in the desired position (we'll cover that later) and ensuring that DPS has clean ground to stand on. 

   In spite of these abilities, this mob is to be placed on the back burner when Deathglare Tentacles spawn. These adds are stunnable, and their main ability, Mind Flay, can and should be interrupted when at all possible. If the cast is successfull the targeted non tank player will take heavy damage. Healers will need to prepare the target with HOTS and use cooldowns possibly to save targeted players. Interupting this cast each and every time should be a top priority of both melee and ranged DPS. Destroying this add also takes top priority over the Nightmare Horror. 

Corruptor Tentacles (Ok.. is it me or is this really starting to sound like Hentai?) will inflict an ability on players causing them to spawn pools of Nightmare Corruption beneath them once every 2 seconds for a period of 10 seconds in total. Afflicted players will want to run to the edges of the encounter zone as quickly as possible while avoiding everyone else. If the afflicted player is also fixated upon by an Ichor, the player will want to avoid kiting the Ichor to the eye for destruction until the Nightmare Corruption debuff has run it's course.

Once 20 Ichors have been destroyed, the Eye of Il'Gynoth will be temporarily destroyed. All remaining adds will need to be killed ASAP before proceeding into the tree and fighting Il'Gynoth itself.

3)Phase 2 Breakdown 

   Il'Gynoth itself, frankly, looks like a hat full of assholes.Or, eyes, I guess. The moment the Eye is destroyed, Il'Gynoth will begin casting Dark Reconstitution. This is a 50 second cast which will respawn the Eye and begin Phase One anew. Any players inside the Heart area when this happens will be insta-dead. This is of course sub-optimal therefore I would recommend we beat feet at the 10 - 5 second mark to ensure No Scrub is Left Behind.

   Once DPS begins on the Heart, I would recommend ALL DPS cooldowns be used in order to do as much damage in the first Phase 2 as possible. Shorter cooldowns such as Avenging Wrath will want to be timed to be available for this moment. Massive raid wide cooldowns such as Heroism/Timewarp should be employed once the DPS has engaged the target.

Il'Gynoth's primary ability is Cursed Blood. Afflicted players will receive moderate damage over a period of 8 seconds before the ability fades off, creating an explosion which will deal massive damage to any player within 11 yards. Players with the debuff will want to immediately go to the edge of the room and position themselves in such as way as to avoid as much raid damage as possible.

There is a hard enrage. Il'Gynoth MUST be defeated on the second Phase 2 or else an ability called Final Torpor will wipe the raid.

4) General Strategy and Recap

In phase one constant awareness will be needed to ensure that Ichors are destroyed at the right time and place. Tanks will want to keep Nightmare Horrors near the Eye as much as possible to benefit from cleave and AoE DPS on eyes and surrounding tentacles. Players will need to be quick about running Corruption puddles to the edges of the room. Concentrated Nuking of Ichors should be done when their numbers become problematic or lulls in the fighting occur. Whichever is first or most pressing.  Add spawn positions will vary in the second Phase one, so a "set pattern" for corruption pathing is not practical. The major points to be taken to heart are...

Tanks point Horrors away from the raid, and stay near the eye as much as possible.

Stay out of the poo.

Run poo to edges of room ASAP.


Phase 2 is much simpler. When debuffed go to the edge and space 11 yards away from others (there is a visual marker on screen to guide you). And to make sure speed enhancing cooldowns are ready to fascilitate a fast exist when the countdown draws low. 

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re: Emerald Nightmare: Ursoc



Name: Diaa, Brewmaster

Assigned Fight: Ursoc



1. General Information
Ursoc is a single target encounter with a fair amount of movement. This fight is considered a Dps check.

2. Location
Ursoc is in the Emerald Nightmare located in the northern part of Val'Sharah. Inside the instance he located in the Grizzly Hills portal located in the core of nightmares.

3. Overview of the Fight
During the boss fight the tanks will be moving Ursoc around the outside of the room after every roar. Roar leaves a black pool on the ground that deals ticking damage,  while also swapping after every Overwhelm and Rend Flesh. The raid group with be split into 2 groups, 1 to the side and 1 behind the boss but stay within 25 yards to split Roaring Cacophony. These groups will swap positions after every charge. Ursoc will target a player to charge, that player will run past the group behind Ursoc and continue running to the center of the room or until charge is done. Distance reduces damage taken.

4. Abilities (Source
Group Abilities
Focused Gaze -

Ursoc focuses his gaze upon a player, charging them after 6 sec and striking them with Trampling Slam. Upon reaching his destination, Ursoc strikes all players with Barreling Impact.

Momentum -

Ursoc charges through any players to his target, inflicting 311000 Physical damage to all targets in his path and knocking them back.

Debuff -

These players suffer 300% increased damage from Momentum for 50 sec.
Trampling Slam - Ursoc inflicts 803250 Physical damage to the target. This damage is reduced the further away the target is from Ursoc.

Barreling Impact -

When Ursoc reaches his marked target, he inflicts 1253880 Physical damage to all players. This effect is reduced by each player Ursoc has charged through.
Roaring Cacophony - Releases a mighty roar, inflicting 11931480 Physical damage divided evenly among all players within 25 yds.

Boss Buff -Echoing Dischord -

Echoes increase the damage done by Roaring Cacophony by 10%. This effect stacks.
(Heroic Only)  each time Ursoc uses Roaring Cacophony, he will spawn a Nightmare Image in his position and create a Miasma Zone

(Heroic Only) Miasma -

Nightmare Images project a zone of miasma 20 yds around themselves, inflicting 105600 Shadow damage every 5 sec to players caught within.

(Heroic) Nightmarish Cacophony -

Whenever Ursoc roars, he leaves behind a Nightmare Image. On subsequent Ursoc roars, the Nightmare Image also releases a mighty roar, inflicting 856800 Shadow damage divided evenly among all players within 20 yds. This effect causes players to run in fear for 3 sec.

Blood Frenzy -

Ursoc enters a mighty rage at 30% health remaining, increasing attack speed by 20% and damage done by 25%.

Tank Abilities
Overwhelm -

Ursoc overwhelms a player's defenses, inflicting 972000 Physical damage. This increases Physical damage taken by 10% and increases damage taken by Rend Flesh by 75% for 12 sec. This effect stacks.

Rend Flesh - Ursoc viciously rends a player, inflicting 867600 Physical damage and an additional 507600 Physical damage every 2 sec for 12 sec.

5. Strategy
The raid group should be split into 2 groups, not counting the tanks, to absord Momentum, which reduces the damage done by Barreling Impact.

On boss pull tanks will be pulling ursoc to a wall so the Focused Gaze target will be able to run to the center of the room while groups move into position, One to Ursocs side, the other Behind him(Towards the center of the room).

When a player is targeted with Focused Gaze, this player will need to run to the center of the room through the group behind the boss. After Ursoc has charged, the groups will need to swap positions as they will have a Momentum Debuff increasing damage taken by Momentum for the next 50 seconds. After each Focused Gaze, Ursoc will cast two Roaring Cacophony. If the group is low on health a Healing cool down could be used at this point.
(Heroic Only) when he does this the tanks will need to move him around the outside the room to prevent the group from standing in a nightmare image and the Miasma zone beneath it.
Note: Each Nightmare Image will cast Nightmarish Cacophony when Ursoc casts Roaring Cacophony.

While the groups are dealing with Focused Gaze, the tanks will need to be swapping to prevent the tank debuffs from overlaping, Overwhelm and Rend Flesh. Ursocs cast order is Overwhelm, Rend Flesh, Overwhelm. When the tank with Rend Flesh has their debuff drop off, they will need to taunt and start taking Overwhelm. This should happen every 2 Overwhelm stacks.

At 30% HP Ursoc will gain Blood Frenzy, and the raid will need to use Heroism/Timewarp.

6. When to Use Heroism/Time Warp
When Ursoc gains Blood Frenzy at 30% HP

7. Avoiding Wipes
Tanks- Need to watch their debuff to ensure that neither tank gets both debuffs at the same time.
Group- The targeted player for Focused Gaze needs to know where to run, this can target anyone but the tanks. Also each group needs to make sure to swap positions after each charge, otherwise the group will wipe do to the debuff applied after each Charge.

8. Learning the Fight
The Key to this fight is raid awarness, being aware of where to be and when to move will be the main factor on defeating this boss.

9. Concluding Remarks
All Info pertaining to this boss is from Beta testers and may have changed since testing

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re: Example


Name: Amastrasza, Fire Mage

Assigned Fight: Nythendra


Standard Dragon Mechanic, do not stand in front or behind, except Breath does not hit tanks, hits targeted dps.

Mechanics suggest a tight stack to coordinate the fire, by one or the other front legs,  and rotate raid in circle counterclockwise around room after each breath.

This is an Alternating Two phase encounter based on energy level. It should be a simple fight, but requires exact mechanic handling. 

Positioning p1 (Coalesced Form):

Tank Positioning: Keep boss in room center (Where she is) Move to the right on Infested Breath, out of green puddles (Infested Ground). Switch for Volatile rot.

Run back to Past Infested Ground puddles to drop the Rot, 9-10 Yards from everyone. 

DPS/Heal Positioning: Stack tight on left shoulder, move right All together on Infested Breath. Only move about 3-5yards. Keep circle tight to overlap Infested Ground. 

Positioning p2 (Heart of the Storm): Get into the clear spot, to avoid puddles heading towards boss, (Like the first boss in SoO) and Spread Away from Insects to avoid Burst of Corruption, until 3 blasts, then restack.

This phase is basically Frogger with the bugs and lasts until energy back to 100. Repeat. Rot applies to more targets after each p2. 

Players affected by Rot run straight back 9-10 yards, avoiding puddles, until Rot is over. Rejoin stack.

Healing Problem: Stacking Debuff, unlimited duration - Infested. Any time, you get hit by anything you get another stack, and it stays the whole fight. So players need to avoid all ground puddles and bugs to keep their stacks of this debuff low. 

Should probably pop hero either at the start or after the first Phase 2 is over. 

Notes: Strategy is based on alpha/beta testing and might have more/different mechanics once live. Watched FatBoss videos and listened to them talk about the mechanics to formulate my strategy. 

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re: Raid Team Assignment Strategies


Use this space to formulate your raid boss assignment strategy. Remember to include any useful images, videos, and content. 

Make sure you:

1. Can Verbally explain the fight, simply. 

2. Know every major mechanic, and can describe how to counter each ability.

3. Include Class Specific strategy considerations (Tank/Heals/DPS)

4. Can answer questions when presented. 

Strategies should be in your own words, not copy and pasted from another source. This forum is not and will never be the de-facto strategy used, it's the rough draft for review by admins prior to raid night and will be adjusted as needed. 

Please see the Raid Strategy Forums for the "Official" Stratgies (Final Draft). 

Example (Not Required Format):


Boss Rukhmar, by Amastrasza

1. General Information

Enrage Timer - I do not know if Rukhmar has a hard enrage timer, and there do not appear to be any soft enrage mechanics present in the encounter. That said, given the fact that there is constant raid-wide damage throughout the fight, it is possible that healers will eventually run out of mana if the fight goes on for too long.

2. Location

Rukhmar spawns in the north-Istern part of the Spires of Arak. Specifically, you can find her exactly Ist of the Skyreach mountain. While she is a flying mob, when engaged (from one of the cliffs near which she flies), she lands and engages your raid.

If you Travel to the SkyReach Instance Entrance, (Apexis Excavation is the closest Flight Path), you can go down the hill, and the best pull location is at the base of the hill, just to the left, against the cliff overlooking the swamp. 

It is also worth mentioning that the tagging system for world bosses is faction-wide. That is to say, as long as the boss is engaged by someone on your faction, all other members of your faction are eligible for loot if they engage the boss, regardless of whether or not they are grouped together.

3. Overview of the Fight

The fight against Rukhmar revolves mostly around properly dealing with the Phoenix adds that spawn throughout the fight. These adds fixate on raid members, and explode when they reach their target. When they are killed (or after exploding), they turn into Piles of Ash that can be reignited throughout the fight by certain mechanics, which in turn resurrects the Phoenixes. Your raid will need to minimize the number of such occurrences.

Aside from this, your raid will have to contend with the damage that Rukhmar deals, as Ill as with avoiding certain abilities.

4. Abilities

In addition to the summoning of adds, which is a central part of the fight, and which I discuss in the second part of this section, Rukhmar has a few abilities that she uses against your raid.

Sharp Beak is an ability that Rukhmar uses against her tank. This deals a high amount of damage, and applies a stack of the Pierced Armor debuff, which increases the damage of subsequent Sharp Beak attacks. This ability (and the debuff) require a tank switch.

Solar Breath is a frontal cone breath attack that Rukhmar uses. It deals a very high amount of Fire damage.

Loose Quills is an ability that Rukhmar uses regularly. She flies up into the air, and damages random raid members and any allies within 8 yards of them for a very high amount of Fire damage.

Solar Radiation is an ability that Rukhmar uses every 15 seconds throughout the entire duration of the fight. It deals a very high amount of raid-wide Fire damage.

In addition to these abilities, whenever Rukhmar loses a certain amount of health (I am unsure exactly how much), she casts Blood Feather. Feathers fall from her, at the locations of random raid members, dealing extremely high Fire damage in a 5-yard radius, and spawning a Fixated Phoenix add. As the name implies, this Phoenix fixates on a random raid member, and chases them. If the Phoenix reaches its target, or if it is killed before it can do so, it explodes, dealing a high amount of damage in a small radius, and turning into a Pile of Ash. These Fixated Phoenixes cannot be tanked.

Piles of Ash do not do anything, and normally remain inactive for the entire fight. However, if a feather from Blood Feather explodes at the location of a Pile of Ash, or if a Fixated Phoenix explodes near one, the Pile of Ash will become active, and it will turn into a Fixated Phoenix that will choose a new target and chase them around all over again.

5. Strategy

Your raid should be spread out in a semi-circle around Rukhmar (in such a way that no one except her tank is located in front of her). I will summarize the strategy before going into more details.

Tanks will have to regularly perform a tank switch in order to deal with Sharp Beak, and the Pierced Armor debuff that it applies. They will also have to have defensive cooldowns available for Solar Breath, since it cannot be avoided.

Healers will have to keep the raid alive through the regular damage caused by Solar Radiation and Loose Quill, as Ill as keeping tanks alive through Solar Breath Icon Solar Breath.

DPS players will have to kill any Fixated Phoenixes, making sure that these do not die when they are too close to Piles of Ash.

All players will have to avoid damage from Blood Feather, spread out when Loose Quills is cast to minimize damage, as Ill as making sure not to be caught if they are fixated upon by a Phoenix.

Regarding tanking, it goes without saying that the tank that is not currently tanking Rukhmar should not be in front of her when Solar Breath is being cast.

Throughout the fight, all raid members will have to be very mindful of their positioning. No one should ever be standing on top of a Pile of Ash, because this could easily be ignited if the player is targeted by Blood Feather. In any case, whenever players are targeted by Blood Feathers, they will have to move away immediately to avoid being damaged by the feather's explosion.

When Rukhmar flies into the air in preparation for Loose Quills , players will have to spread out 8 yards or more apart, so that no the raid does not take any unnecessary damage.

6. When to Use Heroism/Time Warp

I recommend using Heroism/Timewarp at the start of the fight, when all players have their DPS cooldowns available.

7. Avoiding Wipes

Because the fight does not take place in an instanced environment, it is possible for dead raid members to release spirit and run back to the place where they died and resurrect. This is a good way for your raid to replenish its numbers. Keep in mind the following things:

After 2 resurrections in quick succession, you will have to wait for 2 minutes before you can resurrect again.

When you resurrect, you come back with 50% of your maximum health. It is best that healers are prepared ahead of time to heal you.

It is best to group up (in ghost form) and resurrect at the same time, rather than each one individually. This gives you a better chance to recover.

If a large portion of your raid dies, remaining raid members should attempt to delay a wipe for as long as possible, to give the dead raid members a chance to run back.

8. Learning the Fight

Aside from the various gear checks imposed by the fight (most notably in the form of the high raid-wide and tank damage), the key to defeating the boss is being able to efficiently handle the Phoenixes, namely making sure not to reignite any Pillars of Ash. This is something that might take a few attempts to master (or, given the fact that anyone at all can participate in the attempts on the boss, a few Ieks for players to become accustomed to the ability).

9. Concluding Remarks 

This Boss can be super tricky if people aren't paying attention to their jobs. It's important to zoom out so you can see where all the adds are so you can easily swap, and to make sure the person kiting has heals and is kiting them away from ash piles. 

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