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re: Open Raid Leader: Application/Expectations


Looking for a Patient, non-douchey and slightly masochistic individual to run the Saturday Open raid group. 

Should be available to Lead group every Saturday 6-9p Server (Ama is your back up if you can't make it, but you should be there 99% of the time)

Must follow all guild rules, enforce said rules on raid nights, have a firm grasp on fight strategies, and know how to boss people around without making said people want to throw a chair at your face. 

There will be training! It you are interested Please thoroughly read:

This - Being a Raid Leader in Midnight Carnival (what I expect of you)

This - Raid Night: Expectations and this Open Raid - Rules and Guidelines (what you should expect from your group)

This - Being an effective team :) (Signs and symptoms you're doing it wrong)

and this - Guild & Forum Rules (yes all of them)

This position is considered an officer position. (But power is limited to issues revolving around Casual Raid night issues and group). 

Basic Job Description:

Your job will be to fill a viable raid group with filthy casuals and alts on Saturday nights from 6-9p Server, (Time and length are negotiable!) and run current content on Normal. You may optionally also create a group for older content achieves on whatever night you wish. That's your funeral. 

You will decide on base qualifications (these should be slightly below reasonable as a place to get started) and fill a group of other guild members (you should be on this team) with AT LEAST 2 tanks, 3 healers and 5 DPS (Sometimes 2 healers are okay if they're geared enough, it'll be your job to assess if that's a viable option). You are responsible for maintaining expectations (tonight we are not not/doing achievement tries, are stopping at "X" boss, etc.) group dispute resolution, maintaining guild calendar events For this group, and group Vitality. (Please add the officers to the event as administrators, in case you need to call out)

You may keep a running roster of people who show up every week if you wish, so you know what you have, but this group is take all comers, so sometimes let other people take a certain job. You may invite other people to this group to fill spots, but if they are jerks you must remove them from the group. 

2. Achieve Raids: Again, you don't have to do this. But people might want to! This group is highly casual and you should know how to complete all achieves and direct others to do so too. It's your job to keep track of all people interested in achieve runs - for mounts, or transmog or wtfever - determine what night would be best for everyone and have a viable group every week. You can totally invite friends etc to this group. Because why wouldn't you. 

Applicants please leave a reply below by copy and pasting the application and answering the questions. Note: Answers should reflect that you have read and understand the mandatory reading, with your own words and  ideas integrated there in. 



How you plan to be an effective raid leader:

What experience do you have with raid leading:

How do you plan to integrate the guild's Mission Statement into your managerial style:

What characteristics and skill level are you looking for as base requirements for your team:

Your team is not set, it will change from week to week. How do you plan to compensate for the obvious pitfalls of this:

How you intend to maintain order:

How you plan to handle conflict resolution:

What, in your mind, are removable offenses from a team, and how do you intend to offer warnings before doing so:

Why you think you'd be the best choice:

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