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re: Forum Rules


Help and Class Discussion 

image Please refrain from joking or leaving unnecessary comments in the Class discussion or help forums. They will be deleted and that is what gen chat is for. 
image Teach: Not Taunt. When someone asks a question, answer it respectfully and Do not TELL someone how to play their class, offer friendly suggestions if you see room for improvement.
image When offering assistance you may not declare your way the only way or the best way. Everyone plays differently and all classes and specs are versatile for exactly that reason. You MAY say that this is the way that you do it and you have had great success with it or point out that a slightly different way would increase this ability or that. You may not call anyone else's way wrong or stupid.
image All assistance is subject to fact checking


image Just as in guild, Respect your fellow guild members. It's MANDATORY.
image There will be no flaming, insults, or ANY racist/anti-anyone-different-than-you comments - this is a place for friends and that's not wanted or needed here. 
image Please keep the vulgarity to a dull roar... And If someone asks you to stop doing or saying something, DO SO and immediately. Deliberately repeating it to annoy the insulted party may result in guild removal. 
image Grammar Nazi's will be backhanded like a red headed step child 

FYI - Please note that with all forum rules, if you violate them repeatedly or insist on spamming and making a pest of yourself once you have been removed from the guild I can block not only your account, but your IP address.

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