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re: Guild & Bank Rules


The guild rules are permanently listed on our website, (From here: Main Site > About Us > Guild Rules) But in the interest of making life easier, here they are for your convenience! (Don't say I never did anything for you!)

Make sure you know what they are to avoid problems, and so you can educate others when you see a problem - they might not know. Remember always, any problem you have, your guild leader and Officers are there to assist you. 

So here they are, In their entirety: 

Mission Statement

Midnight Carnival is built on respect and friendship.

Friendship defined as a cooperative and supportive relationship between two or more people. In this sense, the term connotates a relationship which involves mutual knowledge, esteem, affection, and respect along with a degree of rendering service to friends in times of need or crisis. Friends will welcome each other's company and exhibit loyalty towards each other. They will also engage in mutually helping behavior, such as the exchange of advice and the sharing of hardship. A friend is someone who may often demonstrate reciprocating and reflective behaviors. 

Above all else we want all our members to have fun while we assist them in learning their class, their spec, how to use and play the game, and how to be the best them possible in a supportive, non judgmental environment.

Players are encouraged to ask questions of every kind and never feel they will be insulted when the answer is given. We hope someday they will pay it forward and pass this information on to others who need the help. 


Guild Rules & Code of Conduct

The guild rules are designed to protect members from unnecessary harassment and are meant to uphold our most valued belief of respect for one another. They are not meant to infringe on your game play, and are meant as a guideline of acceptable behavior - a code of conduct, if you will.

If you have a problem with another member, please tell your GM or an officer so they can listen to both sides and appropriate warnings can be issued. If you are caught breaking these rules you will be warned or removed, and repeated offense will of course result in removal. 

· Respect your fellow guild members. It's MANDATORY. 

· Teach: Not Taunt. When someone asks a question, answer it respectfully. 

· Do NOT ask for money EVER. That's just rude.

· You are expected to be respectful in guild and out. Trade/LFG/LFRGenchat/Goldshire trolling will result in guild removal. It reflects poorly on all of us to have someone who does so in our ranks. 

· People who make statements that are derogatory, attack other players or are offensive in nature may be removed. Trolling, Flaming, insults and Harassment are removable offenses.

· Ninja looting for any reason is a removable offense, and you should know people will seek me out to tell me so. 

· If someone asks you to stop doing or saying something, DO SO and immediately. Deliberately repeating it to annoy the insulted party may result in guild removal. 

· Do not TELL someone how to play their class, offer friendly suggestions if you see room for improvement and are ASKED for your opinion. 

· Do not Spam for Runs. Ask nicely a few times. Then STOP. 

· Respond politely, even if the answer is no, when someone asks a question. 

· If you constantly ask for things without paying it forward people will cease to assist you. It's only fair.

· Your GM is here to help you if you have a problem speak to her. We can work it out.


Bank Rules & Etiquette

The Bank rules are designed to make distribution of guild wealth fair to everyone. Bank abuse is common in many guilds, but will not be tolerated at Midnight Carnival. Treat the bank like you would treat one another - With Respect. 

Bank Access is based on promotion. New/Inactive members can not withdraw from the bank. To be promoted you must be in the guild for at least a week (subject to change) and your bank transactions are monitored. If you are found to be abusing the bank you will be billed, demoted or removed from the guild. 

The Bank tabs have a specific order which will be subject to change as we aquire more tabs. Please do not stick items wherever! They are clearly grouped with like items, and that makes it much easier to find what you are looking for. If a particular bank tab is full and you have items you would like to donate, send them to Amalthia's alt, Amelia, and she will hold them until there is room or sell them for guild money.  

Current Bank structure is: 

Tab 1; Welcome! (Tabards, Bags, Bandages & Food) 

Tab 2; Gems (Both Raw and Cut Gems) 

Tab 3; Enchants & Enchanting Materials (All types of Gear Buffs) 

Tab 4; Profession Mats (Materials for all other professions) 

Tab 5; Plants & Pots (Plants and Potions/Elixirs/Flasks) 

Tab 6; Transmogrification and Leveling Gear (Armor & Weapons)

Tab 7; Pets & Misc Gear (Battle Pets & Epics)

Tab 8; Raiding Materials (Can be purchased by non-raiders) 


Bank Rules Are: 

•  Make sure You are depositing either gold or other items when you make a withdrawl

•  No Gray level items please. That is vendor trash and is intended to make you money. Sell them to any vendor. You may deposit the gold you earn if you wish.

•  Only remove items for IN GUILD toons that you can use immediately. For example don't take out lvl 50 items when you are lvl 25. If you are a priest you don't ever need plate anything.. etc. 

•  Bank items are not for you to sell, for your Friends or non-guild toons, or disenchanting. 

•  Abuse results in demotion and a bill for reparations. You will not be promoted again until it is paid.

•  The guild bank is organized and we would like it to stay that way. Please look through it and make sure your deposits are in the right place. If the tab you are attempting to deposit to is full send them to bank alt AMELIA. Do NOT just stick it where ever. 

•  Raid level items are for SALE. Make a reasonable offer to an officer. (Generally 75% of Reasonable AH values 


Bank Etiquette 

Bank Etiquette is essentially the best practices for using the guild bank. It's for all intents and purposes, your good manners. Your bank manners can either positively or negatively impact your guild standing, including whether or not you gain promotions down the road.

There are some common courtesies that shouldn't have to be stated, but so no one can say "I didn't know" here we go:

•  Make sure you know what the BANK RULES are and adhere to them. 

•  Make sure you deposit items as often as you withdraw. If you're going to use the resources that are available to everyone you should also be contributing to them, it's only fair. 

•  If you're taking out bigger bags, put your old smaller ones into the bank. You don't need them anymore, but someone else might. 

•  If you need something that bends or breaks the bank rules then make sure you always ask the GL or an Officer BEFORE withdrawing EVERY time. If you have permission to do something, then you can't be flagged or demoted for bank abuse. If no one is on, assume the answer is no. 

•  DO NOT Just stick things where ever, or put gray (vendor trash) items into the bank. Someone has to spend their time to correct that and remove the junk, and unless you're going to do it yourself it's just RUDE. It's also a guild bank rule, please remember it. 

•  If you need something from the bank that you cannot withdraw yourself, don't be rude or pushy about it. The world does not revolve around you. Ask nicely and if the answer is no one can get to you right that second, then that is the answer. Send the GL a little request note and she will mail it to you when she is able. 

•  Essentially if you treat the guild bank like you would treat someone else's things that they entrusted to you for safe keeping, then you will always be in good standing. 

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