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re: Leveling 90-100 in under ~2 hours


Original Post By madseasonshow on Wowhead at LINK

Leveling 90-100 in under ~2 hours


Introduction & Basic Strategy

With the recent addition to flying in Draenor, you can level from 90-100 really quickly using only 3  Elixir of the Rapid Mind if you have a few things. You can go through 3 zones(Shadowmoon ValleyGorgrondSpires of Arak) and complete bonus objectives/grab treasures for some insane XP. In this guide you will find custom routes for each of these zones that optimize your journey from level 90 to level 100. These routes avoid treasures that are heavily guarded or are deep within caves to maximize effectiveness of the  Elixir of the Rapid Mind.

Basically what you need to is pretty straightforward. Go to each of these zones(Shadowmoon Valley -> Gorgrond -> Arak) and complete every bonus objective up to 1 kill or item pick up. After you do that, use your  Elixir of the Rapid Mind and  Excess Potion of Accelerated Learning then get as many treasures/bonus objectives as you can within 15 minutes(duration of the elixir of the rapid mind) using the routes below. 

NOTE #1: The 2 hour approximation is assuming you have completed the intro quest to Tanaan Jungle and have unlocked your level 1 garrison. This approximation takes into account the time needed to travel, preparing bonus objectives, and the actual route time. This guide also assumes you have no rested xp. If you do have some rested xp saved up, you can skip some bonus objectives as you see fit.
NOTE #2: If you prefer a video format, I made a video guide using this method. I'll have it embedded below.

Table of Contents


For this method you will require:
  • Full XP heirlooms(helm, cloak, chest, shoulders, legs. Rings not required, but a nice bonus if you have them) Here is a good heirloom list if you need help finding those
  • Flying in Draenor. You get this from the  Draenor Pathfinder achievement. I won't go into details on how to get this here, but here is a guide on how to obtain that.
  •  Master Riding - You will need all the speed you can get. If you have any +mount speed abilities, grab them.
  • 3  Elixir of the Rapid Mind You can get these from the auction house(a good price is ~2-3k gold), or from garrison missions. We will be going through 3 zones to get to 100(Shadowmoon Valley, Gorgrond, and Spires of Arak), so we need a potion for each zone
  • 3  Excess Potion of Accelerated Learning. Once again 1 for each zone. You get these from your local garrison resource vendor(Sergeant Crowler - Sergeant Grimjaw) for 100  Garrison Resources each. Since these last for a full hour, you may be inclined to have these active while you are preparing the bonus objectives. However, you may have to buy an extra one, depending if you do all 3 zones in one session or not.
  • DraenorTreasures add-on. This add-on displays every treasure on your map/mini-map and is necessary for pinpointing their locations.
  • As a bonus you can grab the darkmoon faire XP buff(+10% -  WHEE!) by riding on the carousel. Highly recommended if the faire is in town.
  • (Optional) You can also download the TomTom map/mini-map add-on. Below you will find the waypoints of all of the treasures gathered in these routes so you can copy/paste. You can download TomTom here if you wish. Additionally, if you wish to copy/paste in multiple waypoints at once, you will need the "Paste" add-on, Which you can find here.
  • (Optional) You may also want to have a stables as one of your garrison buildings if you have the slot available(Large plot). The level 1 stables allows you to pickup treasures without dismounting every time. The level 2 stables prevents you from being dazed and dismounted which may end up saving you some time.
  • (Optional) You may also want to grab an ilevel 630 crafted weapon(like  Steelforged Greataxe) before you start. These require level 91 and they will help if you get aggro from some of the enemies guarding the treasures.

Shadowmoon Valley

Our first zone is Shadowmoon Valley. Complete the following bonus objectives up to one kill or item pick up before starting the route: A special note for the Horde characters out there: You wont get bonus objectives for Shadowmoon Valley since it's an Alliance zone. So, before you start the route, complete every bonus objective( Bonus Objective: Forbidden Glacier Bonus Objective: Frostbite HollowBonus Objective: Grimfrost Hill) in Frostfire Ridge up to 1 kill or item pick up and set your hearth to Wor'gol. Follow the route for Shadowmoon Valley and grab only the treasures. As soon as you grab the last one, hearth to Wor'gol and finish up those bonus objectives. You can find a small route for Frostfire Ridge below as well.

Special note: You will loot  Ashes of A'kumbo in this route. This item gives you a bar(5% of a level) of rested XP, so save it for level 99 for the greatest effect.

(Horde only)

For those of you that use TomTom, here are the waypoints of the treasures gathered in Shadowmoon Valley(Click me!)

These routes should take approximately 12-14 minutes. By the time you finish the Shadowmoon Valley route, you should be at least level 93. You only need level 92 to start the next zone, Gorgrond.


Clear the following bonus objectives in Gorgrond up to 1 kill or item pick up before you follow the route below: SPECIAL NOTE: Do not start the quest chain for this zone as it will cause your DraenorTreasures add-on to display the Hardened Thornvine and Odd Boulder treasures. These treasures don't give XP and muddle up your map too much. This may cause you to go for the wrong treasures which will slow down your run.

For those of you that use TomTom, here are the waypoints of the treasures gathered in Gorgrond(Click me!)

This route should take approximately 10 minutes. By the time you finish the Gorgrond route, you should be at least level 96 1/2. You only need level 96 to start the next zone, the Spires of Arak.

Spires of Arak

Here is where you have some choices. If you've followed the routes perfectly so far with 100% up time on your potions, you will hit level 100 about 1/2 of the way through this route. Because of this, you can skip the  Bonus Objective: Bladefist Hold bonus objective in this zone. If you messed up on your potions at some point, it is highly recommended you still do this bonus objective. If you feel like you won't hit level 100 in this zone, you can also complete the intro chain( Arakkoa Exodus) and pick the inn as your garrison ability, which rewards you with  Home Away from Home. The intro chain takes around 20-30 minutes to complete and is not factored into the ~2 hour estimation.

Clear the following bonus objectives in the Spires of Arak up to 1 kill or item pick up before you follow the route below: SPECIAL NOTE #1: Before you start the route, make sure you train  Archaeology. A lot of the treasures in this zone require level 1 archaeology to pick up.
SPECIAL NOTE #2: You will pick up 5  Ravenmother Offering in this route. These give you 1 bar(5% of a level) of rested XP, so make sure you save them until level 99 for greatest effect.
SPECIAL NOTE #3: You will pick up Iron Horde Explosives in this route. This stuns you and sends you high in the air for a few seconds. Make sure you get under a tree or something or you might die from fall damage.

For those of you that use TomTom, here are the waypoints of the treasures gathered in Spires of Arak(Click me!)

This route is the toughest and takes close to 15 minutes to complete. If you're worried about running out of time on your potion, you can do a dry run before you start. A lot of these treasures are pretty well hidden, so it might be a good idea if you don't have good knowledge of the zone. The video I linked may be helpful in this regard.

Summary & Final Thoughts

And with that, you should be level 100! If you have any corrections/optimizations let me know. I'm sure these routes aren't 100% perfect and any feedback is appreciated. Once again, if you prefer a video format here is the video version of this guide.

Hope you found it helpful! Good luck and congratulations on your fresh level 100! 

Update 12/19/15: Due to the fact that you'll have very few followers by the time you reach level 100 using this method, I also made a quick follower guide for those who are interested. It's in the same style of this guide where I make an optimized route to grab 16 followers in under 2 hours(well, 16 for Alliance and 13 for Horde). This sort of covers up a weak spot of this leveling method so I thought I'd throw it out there.
Update Log: I'll edit this post whenever I make changes to the guide.
Updates 9/14/2015:
Added the TomTom waypoints for each zone for those of you using that add-on(special thanks to users Tykes and Sarthorius for the suggestions). These are untested, however. As soon as I get home today I'll test them out and make any corrections if needed.
Added another special note for the spires of arak regarding the Iron Horde Explosives treasure.
Added a table of contents to make it a little more readable. It's starting to look nice!
Added the "Paste" add-on, which is required to paste in multiple TomTom waypoints at once.
Tested out the route once again, this time on a shaman. Since my original run was tested on a death knight, I think the 90 minute average was quicker than usual(I also had the Ilvl 620 archaeology weapon -  Warmaul of the Warmaul Chieftain). On my shaman it took me around 110 minutes. This is with very good knowledge of the bonus objectives/treasures too. So I don't mislead people, I'm changing the title to under ~2 hours, as opposed to 1 and 1/2 hours. I think this is a much more generalized estimation that fits all classes pretty evenly.
Updates 9/15/2015:
Tested out the TomTom waypoints. Seems to be accurate so I'm taking out the "Requires testing" tags.
Cleaned up some grammar, sentence structuring and links. Also added some info about rested XP.
Update 9/25/2015:
Clarified details regarding  Ashes of A'kumbo &  Ravenmother Offering as it was causing some confusion
Updates 9/28/2015:
Added a suggestion regarding the stables(Thanks to user Andru360 for the suggestion!)
Added a suggestion regarding the  Excess Potion of Accelerated Learning(Thanks to user TheRealAzoth for the suggestion!)
Update 10/11/2015:
Changed the route color of The Spires of Arak to yellow.(more colorblind friendly)
Update 10/13/2015:
Made the title picture a little smaller and removed the watermark
Update 11/23/2015:
Clarified the /cway command a little more(Thanks to user Lyricsa)
Update 11/29/2015:
Finally figured out how to embed a video for those of you who prefer that format.
Updates 12/19/2015:
Took out the /cway command since it caused some issues. Requires more testing...if I can figure it out I'll add it back in.
Added a link to a new follower guide I made where I route out all of the quick followers in Draenor.(link is in the summary)

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