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re: Raid Attendance: 80% & Using the In-Game Calendar


Being Punctual and reliable is not only one of the strengths of a good raider, it's also something you agree to do in the raiding application you sign when you're accepted to a raid team. The 80% attendance rate is going to be strictly enforced in Legion, and this is how it will be calculated:

Raid Attendence

Situation  Prior Notice?  Result
On Time, Ready to go N/A 100%
On Time, unprepared N/A 0% Benched
Late (5+ Minutes) Yes 100% (May not be Habitual)
Late (5+ Minutes) No 0%**
Absent Yes 0%
Absent No 0% +Warning*
** If you Miss first pull, you will be benched for the night.  * 3rd Warning results in Team Dismissal. 

Raid Month Average: Below 80% - Replaced on Team, Moved to Bench

It's important to be on time (15 Minutes Before First Pull) and ready to go. This will be strictly enforced from now on, non adherence will result in replacement.

When Your threshold drops near or below minimum req (80%) you will notified via in game mail and warned that if you do not raise your percentage, you will be dropped from the team.

Maintaining 80% attendance is a contractual obligation for Progression Raiding. It is not required for Open Raid. However if you consistently sign up for Open Raid, and do not show up, you will be uninvited. 

Giving Notice, and How to use the In-Game Calendar

Notice For Progression Raiding:

Reason Type Prior Notice Follow Up
 Late  In Game Mail or Direct Raid Lead Contact 3+ Hours  Mark Calendar Tentative
 Absent  In Game Mail or Direct Raid Lead Contact 24+ Hours  Mark Calendar Declined

Emergencies happen and are not generally counted against a player. Habitual lates or absents belies an inability to commit to the set raid structure, thusly affected players should consider open raid as oppose to progression. 

Marking the In-Game Calendar without sending written Notice, or directly speaking to a raid lead, is not acceptable notice and you will receive 0% for the night and/or be benched. 

Acceptable Reasons to be Late:

Work - From time to time, this happens. If it happens every week/Night Progression raiding is not for you. 

Life - Special Events (Birthdays, Weddings, Vacations, etc.) Hanging out with in-town friends or Non-Anniversary Date nights are not an acceptable excuse. Pick a different date night. "Not Feeling Like it" is an automatic 0% and a warning or dismissal. 

If you have an ongoing out of game obligation interfering with your ability to raid, it will be necessary for progression to bench you. This is not personal, and you may reapply when the obligation concludes. Benched but not fired characters should be online on raid nights to check if they are needed. If they consistently do not do so, they will be demoted from the team all together. 

DKP may be used to monitor Attendance, not for loot. Loot Rules are already specified. 

Ways to provide notice:

  • In Game Mail - A Short Letter, reasonably in advance
  • Direct Contact - PST Ama or Farvin directly. Make sure they respond (Do not count on telling others, just the raid leaders)
  • Facebook Group - Use the Raid Team's Facebook to leave a note. Tag the Raid Leaders so they see the message. 
  • Text - Ama will provide you her phone number if you want it. Send a text. (This is best if something came up during the day and you have less than a few hours to warn the team)
  • Email - Ama will also provide you with her personal email.


Notice For Open Raiding:

Accept I will attend this raid.  4+ Hours Mark Calendar Accepted
Tentative I Want to attend raid but may have a conflict 3+ Hours Mark Calendar Tentative
Declined It's not necessary to decline Open raid N/A Just ignore the Calendar event

Choosing accept on the in game calendar denotes your intent to attend and raid nights are structured assuming your attendance. If you consistently sign up and do not show up, your sign up will be changed to "OUT" and you will not be allowed to participate. 

You should change your tentative to Accept or Declined as soon as you know, so the raid can include you or compensate for your loss. 

8 or less "Accepted" responses on any give open raid night up to one hour before the raid will result in it's cancel. It's imperative you make your intentions to raid known on the calendar. 

You are expected to meet any given minimum gearing requirements, have your own food, Flasks, and bonus roll items, and be ready to start the raid 15 minutes before pull. 

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