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re: Mandatory Rules & Expectations



I'm lvl 110 and I hit the lowest possible acceptable ilvl,  Let me in!!!

No. You need to do and be more than that, here is how and why:

Self Readiness: What you need to do

· Know your class. Invest some time and effort into learning the most effective rotation, what all your spells do, the best stats to have on your gear, and how ALL of your abilities can benefit the raid group. How you play solo or even in 5mans is completely different.
· Know your role. You should know how hard your heals/Dps hit, what your cool downs are, and the best times to use them. You should not be pulling aggro if you are not a tank so turn off all taunts. You should be DPS'ing the right target at the right time.
· Learn the fights. Learn what the individual spells do, and how to avoid or mitigate them. Learn how you and your abilities can best accomplish this. This is easily done on a number of websites. Just google it, no excuses.

Raid Expectations: What we expect of you

· An appropriate ilvl (Higher is encouraged for tanks/heals)
· Spec appropriate NON PVP gear that is fully gemmed and enchanted (Top level chants are not required, but something is ALWAYS better than nothing)
· A base knowledge of the fights by watching the movies, or reading about them either right her or elsewhere online
· A useful spec. We do not need 5 tanks, nor 9 DPS. We need 2 tanks, 3 healers, and 5 dps. Make sure you know what we still need, and if you don't just ask. We will try to accommodate what you WANT to do when we have everything we NEED.
· Be a TEAM player. If you have the ability to be a spec the team needs, put the group ahead of your personal desire because things will change eventually to allow you to play the toon/spec you prefer. Keep in mind you can not do this alone, but we can always do it without you. Earn your raid spot.
· Your own food and flasks. We will try to provide feats and cauldrons but those are expensive or time consuming to make and you should always come prepared to pull your own weight.
· Be PRESENT. You need to know where to be and what to do. If the Raid leader needs to repeat it multiple times then you are NOT listening, and therefore can't possibly be giving the raid your full attention. Close everything but WoW and focus on your raid.
· Demonstrate Situational Awareness: If you're standing in fire, have to be constantly reminded of an ability/situation, or can't function without call outs then you're not ready to be in a raid. Your DBM is required and you need to learn to focus on it, what's going on around you, and your spells at the same time. Not all one or the other. Practice in Heroics until you can do all three.

Know Your Raid Rules: They are presented in their entirety below

Expectations of a Raider
Raiders must meet certain guidelines that have nothing to do with gear. They must be:

  • Reliable
  • On Time
  • Prepared
  • Respectful
  • Cooperative
  • Patient


When a new raid begins you must be of the expectation that there will be people in the group who are not of the same level of experience that you are, or likewise that you will not know everything. You must be patient and courteous to all members of your Guild, and this goes double in raid as it can sometimes be frustrating to wipe several times before getting the knack of a fight.

It will NEVER be tolerated for raid members to insult one another's gear, dps, skill level, or in any way make them feel small. Likewise you may never TELL someone how to play their class. What IS tolerated is to see a weakness and ASK them if you may offer them a suggestion. You may NOT then proceed to launch off all this information at them, but offer a brief suggestion for the moment and an offer to assist them further after the raid.

On this same token if you declare your fellow raiders as fail and drop a raid, you had might as well drop guild as you will NEVER be asked to come back on a raid. That kind of disrespectful disgusting behavior is not welcome or tolerated in guild.

Also, if you sign up for a raid, and are online while the raid is being formed then suddenly log out and don’t come back without any explanation, (which is extremely rude when people are counting on you), you will lose your spot in that week’s raid, and possibly from then on if the behavior is ever repeated. Likewise, If you sign up for a raid, and then pug that raid prior to your raid date, you will not be invited to raid. Possibly ever.


Loot rules will be laid out at the beginning of a raid. You must adhere to them. If they are not laid out then the default loot rule is:

· 1 Need, non-teir, Main spec only (the spec you came in as).
· After You win your Need, you must roll greed. (Wins may be limited early in teirs)
· 1 Need, Teir Token, Main spec only (This is a separate Need Roll)
· BOEs MUST be equipped immediately when rolled on, (If not personal loot)
· BOEs that can not be used by the raid at hand (We do not roll for alts) go to the guild bank to sell for Repair funds.
· We do not roll for Off Spec, DE, or Transmog unless explicitly specified.

► If you sign up for a raid, you must show up ON TIME and ready to go If something prevents you from doing so, prior notice is expected in enough time to find a suitable replacement. Do not sign on at raid time to tell us you aren't coming, I will flip S--- on you.
► Your Raid Leader IS IN CHARGE and you WILL listen to them and follow instructions. If you are found to be ignoring them, not listening to where you need to be and what you need to be doing, recklessly clicking on mobs who may begin an encounter the raid is not ready for while explanations are being given, or not at all doing the right thing then you will not be asked to raid in the future.
► Raiders must meet any specified gear score requirements and have Discord installed prior to raid. A Mic is not necessary, being able to hear the raid leader speak IS.
If a raid has an overflow of sign ups you must check if you are "confirmed" to go or not. If you are not confirmed, you may wait for no shows or sign up for another raid, but you will not be expected to raid that night.
► Raiders must prepare themselves to raid prior to the raid, either by watching the movies provided for them on the site, pugging, or reading strategies online. This cuts explanation time, increases effectivity, and promotes over all progression.
Raiders must be willing to wear many hats. If you've only ever done one thing and are asked to do something new, you must attempt the given assignment. It wont kill you to fail at it, we're all here to be supportive and patient.
► If you do fail at an assignment it is not at ALL necessary to provide a lengthy explanation as to why. No one is judging you (Unless you don't learn from these mistakes). You need to tell yourself why you failed and internalize the best way not to do it again. We do not all need to hear about it.
► Intentionally causing a wipe when we are preparing to go, or doing something entirely useless or disruptive to the raid that prevents us from going may result in raid kick. This includes but is not limited to throwing up path of frost as we fall into the water in TOC or doing circles/flips in vehicles, speaking over the raid leader, or playing obnoxious things into vent.

If you want to assist the guild in progressing faster you always have the option of pugging content we are not attempting that week to enhance your personal knowledge of fights and gear.

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1. All recount/Damage/Heal meters OFF. You can look at them after we complete, but you do not need that information or to be distracted by it, mid encounter.

2. There will be NO CALLING OUT except by the RAID LEADER (Ama) and the TANKS unless requested. All other raid members must be silent during fights to maximize efficiency. If you can't help it, please mute your mic.

3. There will be no arguing about strategy before an encounter. This leads to confusion amongst the team as to what we are going to do. We will not have people constantly interrupting to input or over explain new data. You will not speak over each other. This is a waste of time - from experience - and only serves to confuse the group.

The strategy will be laid out before the fight. If the strategy fails after the second or third try we will then discuss strategy, make a new plan, and clearly define everyone's role. If you have valuable insight please PST it to Farvin, do not speak out loud. We ill evaluate and change the strategy as necessary.

While the group's collective experience, and prior experience, is appreciated, mid fight or for 20 minutes between each attempt is an inappropriate place and time to discuss it. Watch, pay attention, and make helpful suggestion based on OUR RAID GROUP, not others you may have run with, because EVERY group is different. This forum is a good place to discuss strategy before and after a raid night.

4. Loot Rules are Listed and Clear. We will ONLY be gearing MAIN SPECS in these encounters unless implicitly stated otherwise. You may only bring the approved raid toon you are signed up with unless necessity and a raid leader dictates otherwise.

5. Addons, Discord, etc must be installed and up to date, including tested and configured, PRIOR to start time. You must have your own flasks and food even if the raid provides either. ALL OF YOUR GEAR must be enchanted, reforged, and gemmed with SOMETHING relevant. Expensive top level enchants are NOT required. Not doing so counts against you. See: Raid Attendance: 80% & Using the In-Game Calendar

6. You must be on time for raid nights. If you are late for first pull, without notice (15 minutes late) you will be sat. 80% attendance with excused absences is required to maintain your spot. "Forgotten" or "Didn't Feel like it" raid nights, mid raid drops, rage quits, or call outs to raid with someone else on our raid night or because you got yourself saved will all be looked at on a case by case basis and WILL jeopardize your raid spot. This is important to us, and we need it to be important to you and to be able to count on you. See: Raid Attendance: 80% & Using the In-Game Calendar

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re: Mandatory Rules & Expectations


Reasons for Dismissal:

Failure to Maintain 80% Raid attendance, or a direct violation of that policy

Being Late or Absent without appropriate notice will result in benching and official warning. The third infraction in a one month period (rolling) will result in team dismissal. Open Raid will always be available to you.

Being unprepared for an assigned Task

Causing the team to wait for you to get things ready that you should have prepared for ahead of time will count against your raid attendance, also resulting in official warning. The third infraction in a one month period (rolling) will result in team dismissal. Open Raid will always be available to you.

Please note this applies to addons, Flasks, Food, Potions, and bonus rolls. It's best to keep your toon stocked, and replace what you used at the end of raid night. Every Tuesday you should check for addon updates and obtain bonus tokens earlier in the day. You can set up your in game calendar to remind you. 

Failure to prepare for your assigned boss with result in your being assigned another, and an official warning. If you fail to prepare a strategy for the second boss, you will be dismissed from the team. Open Raid will always be available to you.

Inability, or unwillingness, to Improve

If you're having problems with your class, rotation, CD usage, or fight mechanics, you will be given time to improve, and given personal consultation and resources. If after several weeks, or a boss is on "farm" you're still having the same difficulties, resulting in the team being unable to progress, you will unfortunately you will need to be removed. Open Raid will always be available to you.

If you're displaying problems with your attention, focus, resolve, and are making excuses as to why you can either not pay attention, or not improve, without any real effort to do so, you will be removed from the team. When you are at Raid, be focused, Present, and attentive. If you're being told your performance is a hindrance, it is. Make the effort to improve. Otherwise, Open Raid will always be available to you.

Piss Poor Attitude or Disrespectful Behavior. 

Behavior consists of, but is not limited to:

  • Constant negativity towards others in the raid
  • interrupting, Contradicting, Talking Over, Or Otherwise Disrespecting the Raid Leader during instructions
  • Rage Quitting, Mid Game Departure with no notice, Extended AFKs during non-designated times. 
  • Abusive Language or Behavior


If you Can't be nice, be Quiet. Open Raid may also be closed to you for exhibiting several of these behaviors. 


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