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Raid Team Hiatus, and the LOA of Ama

by GMAmalthia, 46 days ago

Greetings, Carnies and Carnival Fans alike! 

It is my solemn duty to report that your Glorious Benevolent Dictator will be taking a short Leave of absence due to financial issues, but fear not! I AM coming back. I expect to be back in early March at the latest. 

While I am gone, if you need to reach me, the best options are:

● The Facebook Group: Leave me a Message, I get notified

● Discord Chat: Leave a message in #general, I should either see it or someone will tell me it's there

● Contact Aryin. Aryin is in charge while I'm away, if it's something simple like "invite my alt" she, and any member of the guild, can do that. If you need to get ahold of me, (if it's SUPER IMPORTANT) she can. 

Please follow all rules and keep the place alive for me while I'm away. I wont even be gone long enough for someone to petition for my position, so fear not. 

The Raid Team, and the Player shortage

The raid team will go on Hiatus, after raid, on Thursday 2/1. With me away, the raid team is down to nine people. At 10p people have to leave, so they have to stop even though we're supposed to raid for another hour. This has mad it nearly impossible to progress. So the raid team is taking a short break. 

What it means:

● Raid team members are free to PUG raid with whomever they like, starting 2/2. They are also free to ALSO take a break, but they are expected to come back, either way, at the end of Hiatus which is currently estimated to be Tuesday, March 6th, 2018. 

● Raid members can use the spare time to level and gear alts they have been working on, and run Heroics/M+ instances together to do so. When the raid team convenes 3/6 those alts can be ready to take over as the "new" raid team from then on. (Ari goes Tank, Someone goes heals, Zark goes DPS, etc)

● New members of the raid team, being recruited to join beginning on 3/6 can be geared and ready to start at that time. (They still require and application and to meet minimum requirements). (Aryin in particular wants to run and gear these people whenever they are available.

● You will return, ready to go, 3/6/18, Enchanted, Fed, Flasked, with runes and roll coins, ready to go at 5:45p Server for invites. Period. 

What it does NOT mean:

● Gquit and find another team - That would be some serious bad juju considering all we've been through together. Not cool, bro. 

● You can come back whenever you feel like it - Nope. If you don't show up for after Hiatus Raid night, you lose your spot. Sorry bro. 

● The guild is falling apart - Can you not? It is not. Chill your shit. 

● Farvin is a grouchy pants - Okay, well, that one is probably true... 


~ Exact return date is subject to changeIt will not be BEFORE 3/6/18, only AFTER

~ If you want to join the raid team, you need to show motivation to improve, be involved in brainstorming ways we can improve or ideas, and work on yourself (Improve your toon) between raid nights. You need to fill out an application (I will check and approve it) Know the raid rules and expectations, and be ready to roll the announced raid night after Hiatus (if there is no announcement, it is 3/6)

~ Ary has a life too. She can't run things with you every night. Expect gearing nights to be on Tuesdays and Thursdays, make sure she knows you're interested in coming, and confirm your intent on the calendar. If you sign up but don't show up, you will not be considered for the raid team. 

~ When Raid nights resume, everyone is expected to be ready to pull more weight than before hiatus. You will call out no less than two hours prior to raid, or be found out of compliance. You will be on time for raid, or Notify Ama of possible delay, no later than two hours prior to raid. You will speak when spoken to. Ie. So what went wrong there, and what can we do about it? You will give your opinion, or ask questions if you don't understand something. You will work on your toon between raid nights, even if it's one minor improvement. 

Cheers! See you on the flip side. My account expires at Noon EST on Friday 2/2. See you in March! I will still be posting on the guild News feed, updating the website, and available for questions via facebook. 

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The Raid Team Needs YOU!

by GMAmalthia, 72 days ago

The raid team has, or is shortly losing, people (Because of life, no bad blood) and will be dangerously close to not being able to raid at all when people call out, so we could use YOU. We currently only raid in normal and heroic.

Raid nights are Tuesday and Thursday, 6-9p Server time. You need to commit to all night both nights. You need a 920+ ilvl, fully gemmed and enchanted, with all of the points on your artifact weapon unlocked (with your goal being getting to lvl 75 ASAP). You should have a working knowledge of both your class, and the fights (Wow-head/Icy-veins). You need to have DBM (Deadly Boss Mods) and DIscord installed.

It should be stated for the record that we are not looking to (and cannot) carry anyone. You need to put in the maximum effort to be as efficient (not perfect!) as possible with an eye of always looking to get better. (Running M+'s, Doing world bosses, when the raid week is over, pugging bosses we didn't kill, etc. etc.)

Our group is non elitist. We mess up a lot, but we always try to learn from it. We grow together. We will wipe, sometimes a lot, but as long as we improve per wipe that's expected. All we really expect you to be is on at least our level, (can't carry!) and wanting to have fun.

Everything you need to know, plus the application (which is required) is on the guild forums at:

ps. We most Need:

1. A FT Healer. (Do not have a shammy or a Pally at all, but anything rocks)

2. A ranged DPS with a Heal OS (To step in when a heal calls out)

3. A Melee DPS with a Tank OS (same but for tanks)

4. Ranged DPS (We have 2 hunters already, we'll still take ya but you'll fight for gear)

5. I guess more melee. Why do they even MAKE so many melee then all the fights are designed to eat them? So stupid... uh.. *cough* we lost our unholy DK, our monk, and we don't have a rogue or a dh. 

In that order. Thanks! Hope to hear from you!

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Badass is the only kind of ass to be.

by GMAmalthia, 75 days ago

Going into the new year, I was reminded that I have not been enforcing the rules and expectations lately, and that there is wide spread abuse as a result, from which our raid performance and guild identity has really begun to suffer.

I don't really have the energy to call people out anymore, and be a hard ass, because generally if people don't care enough to follow the rules, it means they just don't respect them. I could use some officers, but generally they just refer all disputes back to me, so what's the point? The general guild policy is "Don't be a dick." Super easy.

Assuming that disrespect is not the case, and that people are just busy, don't know them, have forgotten them - here they are in all their glory.

I will just assume that now that you know them, you will follow them and remind others who are not to do the same, because you love and value your guild. I will assume that if this is not the case, it will sort itself out.

I'm a dictator, but I strive to be a benevolent one. Help me out by just keeping your awesome dialed up to 10, and I'll keep my bitch switch in the off position. Party time all around. I resolve to be less checked out and make a more active effort. You resolve to make me proud. Win-win.

Guild Rules & Guidelines:…

Raid Team Rules & Guidelines:…

Bad ass picture of Judge Dredd riding a raptor who is riding a shark breathing fire... Also some rockets and a bit of pew-pew!:

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Winter Veil 2017

by GMAmalthia, 103 days ago

It's that time of year again... when we're inundated with holiday spirit whether we like it or not, and if anyone was ever going to force something down your throat, it is DEFINITELY Ama.. 

Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a fun guild activity to encourage guildies to make new friends with people they might not normally interact with!

How it works:

    • Submit your name, and a short list of things you might like to receive as a gift. (ie. Amalthia - Battle pets, Tailoring Mats, Flasks)

Example of Email:  Amalthia - Int Flasks, Best in Slot Food, Battle Pets I don't have, Mounts

    • About a week before Christmas (Monday, December 18th) Ama will take that list and use a random number generator to assign all sign ups a secret Santa from the pool and send everyone who they are assigned and their gift list via in game mail. 
    • You pick something from Their list, and in-game mail it to them on December 24th. 



    • You must be in the guild, and active to participate.
    • If you submit your name, you must also give your assigned guildy a gift.
    • If you gquit, or go offline for a long stretch of time your name will be pulled out of the pool.
    • Do not make unreasonable requests (ie. I REALLY want a Vial of the sands!) or, since it never hurts to ASK, pose your requests like this: Actual Requests: Flasks, Pets I don't have, Gems I need (name them) Fantasy Requests: Vial of the sands
    • Try to stick to the requested gift list. It is OK to spend real money at the blizzard store (Game time/pets/etc.) But MAKE SURE the person does not have whatever you bought first (Check the armory)
    • You may not choose your Secret Santa recipient, nor trade them for another one, you get who you get.


To put your name in the Pool either send Amalthia (PLEASE, not all my alts, JUST Amalthia - My Druid) and In-game mail Titled: "Christmas" with your MAIN TOON (the one everyone knows you by, or you're marked as in the roster) and your wish list. Or you can reply to this thread (hit the reply button) and give the same information.  

Christmas Party

The Christmas Party will be December 24th, 5pm Server on (Subject to change). We realize lots of people will not be able to make the party because of family obligations, and that's ok. (Mail your secret Santa gift to the recipient either in the morning, or before you leave town)

We'll all be meeting online and in Discord to hang out and possibly run things together. In commemoration of an EPIC tantrum thrown four years ago, when we wouldn't leave our Christmas Party and go kill the Sha, we used to kill the Sha or Anger wearing Santa Suits. Because we're assholes. But now any one of us can basically solo him, so if you kill the Sha in your Santa suit, screen shot it and we'll make a collage of the images, so post them here for posterity!

 Have Ideas? Share them! We'll incorporate them into our celebrations!

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Join the Raid Team! (It's easier now than ever!)

by GMAmalthia, 336 days ago

This is us!

Check out our Youtube Channel and see all of our raid, music, and for fun videos.

Welcome to Midnight Carnival!

We hear you may be looking to raid! You don't need to meet minimum requirements to join the guild, you come come, hang out, get ready, get to know people, but you have to meet the minimum requirements to apply :)

They are:

Raid nights are Tuesday & Thursday, 6-9p MST (server). You must commit to both full nights or we cannot accept you to this team. 

  • A sufficient ilvl (Max 20lvls below current teir) Fully Gemmed and Enchanted
  • An Adequate or better DPS/HPS/Mitigation level, appropriate for your class
  • Required addons
  • A cooperative non elitist attitude. Shitty/Selfish attitude is grounds for removal

*Target Dummies/LFR are not sufficient indicators of DPS

Expectations once you are accepted:

  • Show up on time, every raid night - Invites go out at 5:45p for a 6p first pull.
  • Be Fully Prepared (Repaired, Flasks/Potions ready, Roll Coins already gotten, Addons up to date)
  • Prepare for boss encounters by studying the fight mechanics online, meaning on raid nights you know what you're doing (have a baseline)
  • Continue to improve your gear between raid nights
  • Have a firm understand of your class and ALL it's mechanics, so they can be properly applied to raid mechanics


You are allowed to have as many toons in other guilds, or ours, as you want, but the toon you use to raid with our raid group is not to run pug/extra raids until our raid week is over.

If that sounds pretty reasonable to you, we also run Mythic+ groups, heroics, and do things together to help people gearing for our raid group get ready.

As always we are accepting social (no raid) and leveling characters, and all alts, friends, and tiny guilds looking to merge are welcome. Hope to hear from some people! The new catch up mechanics make is super easy to get a toon ready, and get started raiding. (We're okay with newb, we're not okay with someone who expects to be carried and doesn't work on themselves or improve in any way)

Raiding with Midnight Carnival

Midnight Carnival's progression team is a Contractual Casual group, meaning we do not do hardcore progression, nor Mythic (Because we don't have a large enough team) but we are NOT an "At Will" casual group. To be on the team you must fill out an Application, meet all minimum requirements, and maintain an 80% or better attendance record. If you, at any time, cease to maintain personal standards or attendance requirements, you will be warned and without subsequent improvement, dropped from the team. ​

Midnight Carnival does also incorporate an "Open Raid" at will Normal Only group, for people learning to raid, learning their class, gearing to join the progression team, and generally just for fun. To sign up for this group, please read the general expectations and then accept this week's invitation on the in-game calendar.  

If this is your attitude, you are not welcome on our team:

Don't be Timmy. Timmy's attitude is pretty common, and we don't have the time, patience, or desire to deal with anyone who thinks that's okay. The Recruiter in this video and the Raid Leader (Ama) have the exact same expectations. Please make sure you meet them before you apply for the team.

Minimum Gear Requirements to Join the Raid Team

You are expected to meet this criteria BEFORE you apply. Please do not apply until you do.

Raid nights are Tuesday & Thursday, 6-9p MST (server). You must commit to both full nights or we cannot accept you to this team. 

  • Max Level (Will not "hold" spots)
  • A sufficient ilvl (Max 20lvls below current tier) Fully Gemmed and Enchanted
  • An Adequate or better DPS/HPS/Mitigation level, appropriate for your class
  • Required addons (see list below)
  • A cooperative non elitist attitude. Shitty/Selfish attitude is grounds for removal.
  • You will be expected to know all boss fights, intimately. You may be called on at any time to lead a fight, (Without prior notice) demonstrating that knowledge. (Especially when new raids are released) You should know basic positioning, and all major role mechanics.

*Target Dummies/LFR are not sufficient indicators of DPS

Expectations once you are accepted:

  • Show up on time, every raid night (See Raid Rules for exceptions) maintaining 80% or better attendance
  • Be Fully Prepared (Repaired, Flasks/Potions ready, Roll Coins already gotten, Addons up to date)
  • Prepare for boss encounters by studying the fight mechanics online AND running LFR, meaning on raid nights you know what you're doing (have a baseline). 
  • Continue to improve your gear between raid nights
  • Have a firm understand of your class and ALL it's mechanics, so they can be properly applied to raid mechanics  
  • Upload combat logs to facilitate progress monitoring.  

Loot Distribution:

Loot is Master Loot distribution. (Reasoning: Personal loot prevents trade, if the item level is higher (an upgrade) meaning gear goes to waste.) As such all raid members are prohibited from pugging or joining a second raid team on the toon with which they raid for us, until our raid week is over (After raid concludes on Thursday) as it reduces our loot table. Raid members are free to raid with whomever they likes ON ALTERNATE CHARACTERS as long as those raid nights to not interfere with our own. 

Rolling on Loot works as follows:

  • You may only roll (until win) ONE Need on your IDEAL stats. (Your top 2 secondaries)
  • You may roll (until win) ONE Need (separate roll) on a tier token.
  • You must roll greed on gear sporting non optimal stats (Your bottom secondaries), if you already used your need, or if you are rolling on teir tokens you already have (looking for bonus stats).
  • If you cannot use an item, or it is not an upgrade at all for you, you must pass.
  • You may roll Need until you win, you must roll greed after you do.
  • BOE's, if not Personal loot, must be Equipped immediately if rolled for, else they go to the Bank for sale.
  • We do not roll for off spec, DE, or Transmog, unless explicitly given permission to do so.

Primary stats for armor slots (Head, Shoulders, Chest, Wrist, Hands, Waist, Legs, Feet) now dynamically change depending on the specialization the character is currently in. Secondary stats do not change based on spec. You are expected to know which Secondary stats are your priorities. If it is haste, and mastery do not roll on gear with crit, for example. 

That means you are not just rolling against other players of your spec (Tank, heals, DPS) you are rolling against everyone in your Armor class (Plate, Mail, Leather, etc.) This may cause tension for loot rolls, but to keep loot distribution fair, You may only NEED on one normal Item and one Teir Item per night. This will reset from week to week. 

This means Looting is 1 Need. Period. 

You may trade loot to reset your Need roll, with permission. When trading gear, please keep in mind that healers and tanks solvency benefits the entire raid. (DPS should really trade gear to a Tank or Healer before anyone else.) 

Required Addons:

Name  Reason Link
Discord Communication (Mic not Required)*
Deadly Boss Mods (DBM) Combat Timers, Auditory warnings

* Requires an account to use. Directions provided in a different thread. 

The addons being required are for accurate monitoring purposes, both for progress facilitation and individual monitoring. They're required to monitor your contribution to your team, and logs need to be uploaded after each raid night for Lead Review. Anyone refusing to install or use any addon may be sat for failure to cooperate. 

Things to note:

  • We will fill the first 10 spots according to the 2T:3H:2M:3R ratio. Too many melee/ranged will need to be sat until more heals apply. 
  • If you play a class we can't use, you will have to be back up (Ex. You are ONLY a tank, and we already have two)
    • Note: Everyone should have a viable main and off spec, for maximum efficiency
  • If we have too many DPS and not enough healers to support them, people will need to be sat. We will maintain the 2T:3H:2M:3R ratio as closely as possible with whom we take. (If we need heals and you CAN heal, change your spec, gear it, and do it. People who cannot adapt are more likely to be sat)
  • Whining about needing a piece of gear and someone else got it will not be tolerated. Put on your big kid panties and deal with it.
  • If you are Lazy, being carried, and unprepared, you may not raid. You will not be invited and you will be removed mid-raid if necessary.

The Guild has Set up a Facebook Group for just the raid team in order to Facilitate Call outs, Strategy Sharing, and helping one another. If you are accepted, please join at: 

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