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Participation and You!

by GMAmalthia, 5 days ago

Greetings guild  

Guild Stuff - What gives you the warm fuzzies?

We want to hear some feedback. We know wow/the guild/the server are pretty damn dead these days. Gnomish Death RaceBored/Boring etc. We'd like to hear from you, the fam, some things you think would make at least the GUILD part of all that more exciting.

Examples would be, things you'd like to see happen and definitely would participate in if they did. Apparently people in not our guild HANG OUT in discord and like... chat. It's a real thing and they're stupid surprised we do NOT so are there like - meet up nights you'd like to put in place? Maybe with a topic or goal or something? I don't know, I'm stupid bad at peopling, I need your help. You're my only hope! What would make the guild fun for you. What would make you want to play more, invite people in on the fun?

No orgies. We tried that. it was messy.

In the past we had nonsense activities like:

  • Guild picnics and parties in strange places. Fireworks, game food, dancing, nonsense. 
  • Gnomish death races where we all rolled lvl 1 gnomes and ran by foot, and in only out starter gear to Booty bay. Prizes were awarded for least deaths, most deaths, highest level, etc.
  • Naked Gurubashi arena, where we all got butt nekkid except for our tabards and just whomped on eachother. 
  • Old content achievement raids for mounts and transmog gear

So discuss, brain storm, all the things. I'd love to know and compile a list that we could flesh out into a feasible plan of action and make doing things together/actually communicating a thing.


The raid team is really struggling. With the server dying off, and people getting bored with WoW we don't have enough people to kill bosses and we could really use some people to step up.

If you're willing, can commit to two nights a week, and have an easy going personality we could really use you.

We need mostly ranged DPS but we will take anyone willing and figure it out. We need you to get to a 350+ ILVL and we're willing to run you through Mythics to get you there, you just also have to be running World Quests and LFR to fill in the blanks on your own.

To join message Ama or Aryin in game. We’ll ask you some questions about what you expect, your experience level (so we know how much work needs to happen) and where your toon is at right now. When you’re ready we’ll have you fill out an application on our website, just so we know you’re really committed to being part of our team. Everything after that is gravy.

We hope to hear from you! The new raid starts 1/22, if you can get ready by then, we'll happily start it with you.

To learn more about us, and our Raid team expectations (it looks harder core than we actually are, it’s to scare off the non-commits) check out everything you need to know by clicking on the "Guild Raiding" tab at the top of this (and every) page. 

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Roster Purge

by GMAmalthia, 18 days ago

The once per expansion roster purge is now complete. All toons that have been offline for 6+ months as of 1/1/19 have been removed from the guild. This will not occur again until January 1st, the year AFTER the next expansion drops.

All removed toons are welcome back any time they come back to Warcraft, just PST any member of Midnight Carnival for your invite.

Note: If you do not join another guild first, and simply rejoin upon account reactivation, all of your guild rep, and even your officer notes, will be intact.

We hope to see you back soon!

Below is the complete list of Roster Changes, if your name is on it make a point to PST me as soon as you log back in to WoW. No removals were malicious, it was simply "offline 6+ months - Remove."

Characters Deleted: 301
Nokie, Thorhammer, Shortestone, Sweetashoney, Wyldthing, Graxxattaxx, Bromlin, Alexistra, Saedyst, Them, Shamitupuraz, Pahloma, Ryusenshi, Sinyster, Aishah, Ephesians, Dáxx, Khelborn, Kismybubble, Marguarite, Cyndaur, Athëna, Revvie, Ellesande, Yoddaa, Doku, Charley, Galistassa, Kpr, Candian, Nirim, Gètinthevan, Blazebeard, Shaykil, Ailyia, Metalstep, Hilde, Ksirxam, Marinah, Kariondan, Kirakirasan, Dulcet, Völkswörgen, Erostus, Kurthrath, Donnieyen, Taranzhu, Mizzdeathly, Thùnderbùns, Chaospanda, Aniyah, Silntbtdedly, Falaya, Michaelmoore, Necrophotic, Candysmash, Vercingetorx, Mysteek, Chrishansn, Aziera, Jaleth, Meema, Dåemon, Autumnleaf, Tinyrage, Mcgluvin, Riorgen, Herity, Oliviaqween, Haydees, Persephany, Freakydk, Hrothguard, Fròste, Raindown, Nuindil, Lavac, Luckÿ, Firebrew, Ablackares, Blacklavendr, Ragathorim, Lycerion, Kevinsmith, Zhalaina, Kapustin, Drbombaay, Rectangle, Phylea, Lrdraziel, Lrddamon, Pameraya, Ldyakasha, Faalamir, Callos, Lupusmagicus, Irilei, Felith, Nadale, Rodford, Killaura, Dala, Corabelle, Velvet, Brewery, Liorie, Feliaryn, Nhi, Someonedid, Aami, Eshalon, Stabulas, Wilnan, Hunterdidit, Otts, Tryton, Isidarra, Ellexya, Sydia, Sunshiine, Sphet, Nörris, Hølylite, Azulana, Masokryt, Timehascome, Tonkaatoy, Zariinii, Erelora, Ldydemona, Mirokù, Zenomus, Bruadinn, Eäsì, Hekatelefey, Kolossus, Mjöllnir, Rassaphore, Raeisa, Artamisya, Dalvin, Crenshinibon, Bunzz, Kirschwasser, Moonero, Chandrakanta, Vánagandrr, Barati, Diosacanales, Gearbanger, Kpone, Glitters, Sapphirea, Faileas, Aronin, Dofler, Ginary, Yaryna, Ebufus, Zotiz, Alarielle, Ninmah, Torrigan, Ieea, Veeza, Mtanddewme, Thörïn, Bloodysven, Karmatree, Gushang, Karmakoil, Fredpool, Fardon, Mïkel, Lïz, Magues, Ýgritte, Svartalheim, Jargoron, Oakfang, Rhoeh, Shpankadin, Heylrditsme, Kailéé, Konnôr, Elïzabeth, Elizabèth, Rhoeg, Graric, Lrdcrowley, Epifania, Post, Marilya, Yanderechan, Malfeorandar, Lelantos, Kaloreth, Tiggér, Timewilltell, Ilinari, Fizzlemech, Sãge, Transporter, Feliciti, Nitemare, Moreith, Dajucko, Pemisthewise, Feliarynn, Darkfeli, Rhoev, Myrthanas, Adilia, Tallar, Ariuki, Bouldar, Boro, Ameisin, Durafeli, Hellripper, Vokie, Homieo, Zotoh, Dêclân, Gustoph, Marelia, Werewolve, Sekksie, Skalli, Shdwtwister, Byrnhild, Lunadragon, Nîtemare, Neldain, Tirfarthoin, Cosmetic, Maharet, Hlidka, Gadiir, Avik, Gadoor, Primores, Threlorane, Darkkone, Narice, Zerian, Zeritus, Xirro, Nastusia, Zerix, Sirro, Kristof, Gadoriir, Zorrin, Zevin, Einswald, Gadoriir, Zorrin, Zevin, Einswald, Brilaya, Williamthree, Naander, Willa, Lilmonster, Vanile, Acrylla, Lgoose, Anothergoose, Goose, Leifman, Pandaids, Bascom, Linale, Rigslegs, Deepeez, Rofldot, Ferna, Megalomaniac, Cantcme, Valerin, Thurilostdor, Satani, Deftone, Mistfreak, Rhoek, Clairistiòna, Valeriá, Êrim, Shortonheals, Jakit, Thundérstruk, Dallaa, Eviella, Cptbubbles, Adris, Eulia, Imbris, Xanterr, Dallandraa, Chrysogonus,

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Battle for Azeroth

by GMAmalthia, 198 days ago

Release Date

Battle for Azeroth will be released on August 14th, 2018.

Launch Time

Battle for Azeroth will launch concurrently in the Americans, Europe, Taiwan, Korea, and Australia/New Zealand. With a midnight launch in Europe, this means players in the US can start Battle for Azeroth at 3pm pacific on August 13th.  

Americas (PDT) Europe (CEST) Taiwan (CST) Korea (KST) ANZ (AEST) UTC
 August 13*
 August 14
 August 14
 August 14
 August 14


In the Battle for Azeroth pre-patch, players will experience all of the class changes, which include:

  • Many abilities added to the global cooldown.
  • Retirement of Artifact Weapons and loss of many artifact traits.
  • Many talent and utility updates for all classes.

All of the game systems will change in the pre-patch including:

  • Prestige calculations, War Mode, new Honor talent UI.
  • Battleground Queueing - removal of Strand and Ashran, and the addition of a separate large battleground queue.
  • Personal Loot as the only loot system.
  • Stat squish as well as the professional skill cap squish.
  • New Communities social system.

    There are also new scenarios and story quests for players to complete, related to the Burning of Teldrassil and the Battle for Lordaeron.

    The Battle for Azeroth pre-patch is estimated to go live sometime in July 2018. We've speculated it will go live on July 17th, as traditionally it launches 6 weeks from release date. 

    Learn more about the pre-patch content in WoW-Head's detailed 8.0 Pre Patch Guide.

Class Changes

Read up on the cumulative class changes from 7.3.5 through 8.0 in WoW-head's comprehensive Class Changes post. This includes new talents, artifact traits and legendaries converted to abilities, new azerite traits, and utility abilities.

WoW-Head has also highlighted important class topics in newsposts:


Guild Changes

Every Expansion sees some minor guild changes, as people come and go and the group dynamic shifts. As we adapt and evolve with the current changes, here is what we expect to see change:


  • Guild Leader: Ama (Amastrasza, Amalthia, Ama- etc. etc. etc.)
  • Raid Assistant: Ari (Aryin, Valetri, Shardani, etc. etc. etc.)
  • PVP Leader/Coordinator: Spot available
  • Mythic+ Coordinator: Spot available
  • Officers: None currently, Merit based position


PVP Leader/Coordinator: Organize, Schedule, Strategize, Lead, and Recruit members for Rated Battlegrounds and Guild Accredited pvp groups. PVP nights may not interfere with Raid Nights. 

Mythic+ Coordinator: Organize, Schedule, Strategize, Lead, and Recruit members for Guild Accredited Mythic+ group/s, including "regular" Mythic runs that are all inclusive and at least one "progression" group pushing to get as high a mythic level as possible. Progression M+ may not interfere with Raid Nights. 

Social/Leveling (No Changes)

Midnight Carnival is a social and leveling guild where everyone - all lvls, classes, alts, & even entire little guilds - will be equally welcome. Laid back, friendly, experienced members can help with all your game questions while you learn how to play and make friends.

Above all else we want all our members to have fun while we assist them in learning their class, their spec, how to use and play the game, and how to be the best them possible in a supportive, non judgmental environment. Players are encouraged to ask questions of every kind and never feel they will be insulted when the answer is given. We hope someday they will pay it forward and pass this information on to others who need the help. 

Doing things together, as a guild, is mutually beneficial. You get to see content and make friends, and groups of 3 or more guildies earns the guild bank money, which is then used so you can repair without spending your own money. The more money the bank has, the higher that limit is able to be set. You can also forge friendships outside of game, via this website and Facebook. 


When the new expansion drops, the current raid team will disband. This allows all members to change classes/roles if they wish, and not be locked into a toon they may be bored playing. When the raid schedule is announced for BfA a start date will be set for guild raiding to begin, and the application unlocked. Anyone wishing to join is expected to put the effort in to be ready and have applied by that date. 

Main Progression Raids (Heroic/Normal only) Tuesday and Thursday - 6:00pm to 9:00pm MT (8:00pm to 11:00pm ET) Invites start 10-15 minutes prior to raid.

· Toons that are not in guild can NOT be given priority placing on this team. It is a GUILD group. Please consider moving any toons you wish to raid with into the guild. 

· Raiders must demonstrate class competency and a basic knowledge of the fights, which can be gleaned from MULTIPLE sources on the Internet. So there is no excuse for you to not know what you're doing. 

· Remember a min ilvl (to be announced) is required with all gear gemmed and enchanted. 

To Sign up: You must read all raiding informational threads in their ENTIRETY and then fill out the application at the end. No exceptions. This proves effort, dedication, and ability to find what you need on your own. 

Keep in mind if you do not meet minimum criteria you will be declined. If you are accepted but demonstrate no class knowledge you will be sat out until you do your homework. Signs you are not class competent include pulling low numbers with high gear, not using extra spells like CC and dispells, and asking "what's that" when we ask you to do something. Also if you continuously stand in fire you will be sat out until you learn to move your ass and that fire is NOT a buff. 

All information you need to become a raider is provided for you on the Raiding tab. Good luck! And we hope to see you on the team!!


In BfA we hope to "hire" a Mythic+ Coordinator to Organize and Schedule members for Guild Accredited Mythic+ group/s, including "regular" Mythic runs that are all inclusive and at least one "progression" group pushing to get as high a mythic level as possible. Progression M+ may not interfere with Raid Nights. 

This should allow for groups to gear, bond, have fun, and feel like they're part of a team, if perhaps they can't or don't want to raid. There will be set nights that you can hop online, jump into a group and run some mythics with your guild. When enough people come regularly a schedule and group set up can be set. 


In BfA we also hope to "hire" a PVP Coordinator to Organize and Schedule members for Guild Accredited Rated Battlegrounds and 3v3/5v5 arena groups, etc. Midnight Carnival has not had the opportunity to do coordinated PVP since the Cataclysm expansion, and we missed it. We'd like the opportunity for those who enjoy PVP to be able to do so, without having to PUG or join random groups. We can coordinate in our Discord, have some fun, and kick some ass. 

There can be set arena teams, take all comer nights, a designated team for a Rate Battlegrounds night - the possibilities are endless. We just need someone (or two) to step up and get things started.  

So that's the plan! Are you excited? I'm excited! What are you MOST excited about this expansion? What are you going to play?? Tell us! Leave a message. 

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We're recruiting, tell your friends!

by GMAmalthia, 254 days ago

This is our current recruitment message. We're looking for raiders to finish out this expansion and establish themselves for the next one. We're also (always) looking for social players to keep guild chat lively and run instances together.

Est'd 2010: Everything guild founded on mutual respect. Looking for friendly, helpful people regardless of lvl or skill lvl. Perfect for new players, returning players, casual players, casual raiders & all your alts. Large guild with all the perks. Join us!

Currently Focusing on Semi-Hardcore Raiding, Leveling, and group play (Mythic+/Etc). Raid applicants must be IN guild, APPLY, and meet pre-set criteria outlined on the guild website.

Welcoming all Social and Leveling players as well.



Main Progression Raids (Heroic/Normal only)

Tuesday and Thursday - 6:00pm to 9:00pm MT (8:00pm to 11:00pm ET)

Alt Runs/Fun Runs (which are optional and only when available)

Saturday - 6:00pm to 9:00pm MT (8:00pm to 11:00pm ET)

Invites start 10-15 minutes prior to raid. 


We welcome applications at from players who share our approach to the game. We will always consider exceptional players regardless of class. Currently, we are actively seeking the following:

DPS (950+ilvl, 75+ap, 1M+dps)

Ranged DPS - 3+ (Boomkin, hunter, Warlock, E Shaman for Class diversity)

Melee DPS - 2+ (Monk, Dh, Rogue for Class diversity)

Healer (950+ilvl 75+ap)

2+ (Pally, Monk, Shaman for Class diversity) Need MH and OH for back up

Tank (960+ ilvl and experience required)

1+ - MT spot available - accepting applications for DPS with tank OS to act as back-up also

We welcome all applications! Even if your class is closed, or your ilvl is too low, we will consider exceptional players. We strongly encourage you to schedule an interview as quickly as possible following the submission of the application.




- Ability to fill your role demonstrating high class and raid awareness

- Ability to maintain 80% raid attendance

- Ability to take criticism and improve upon your abilities

- Know your class and be able to keep up on changes

- Know all fights by prior study using online sources

- Patience and Mutual respect for the rest of your team

- Most importantly, have fun and enjoy raiding!

What We Offer:

- Guild bank repairs

- Flask/Elixirs, raid food, potions (as available)

- Gem/Enchanting materials

- Fun raiding environment

- FB Social Groups/Fan page to stay up to date

- Guild website complete with All linked strategy information

- Socially active guild

- Alt runs/Fun runs when available



If you think you are ready to find out what end game has to offer:

- Stop by our website:

- Join us on our Discord

- Post here and we'll follow up

- In game: Amastrasza, or ask if "Ama" is on to any guild member (lots of alts)

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon. 


Class Breakdown:

deathknight (tank) medium until we hit 2MT, 1 Backup

demon hunter (dd) medium 

demon hunter (tank) medium until we hit 2MT, 1 Backup

druid (balance) medium 

druid (restoration) medium (Have 1 and he's OP)

druid (feral-dd) medium

druid (feral-tank) medium until we hit 2MT, 1 Backup

hunter high

mage low (have 2)

monk (healer) medium

monk (dd) medium

monk (tank) medium until we hit 2MT, 1 Backup

paladin (holy) medium

paladin (protection) medium

paladin (retribution) low (have 1, if you can beat his dps you get a cookie)

priest (healer) medium (Have 1 disc)

priest (dd) medium (have 1)

rogue medium

shaman (elemental) medium

shaman (enhancement) low

shaman (restoration) medium

warlock high - we just want your ports and candy, sorry to use you! :-p 

warrior (dd) medium (have 1)

warrior (protection) (have 1 - medium until we hit 2MT, 1 Backup)

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Happy Anniversary

by GMAmalthia, 290 days ago

From Lich King to Legion and beyond...

On Saturday, March 31, 2018 our Midnight Carnival turned 8 years old. 

Eight years of highs and lows, the best people, inside jokes, and evolution... We hope to have eight more. 

Join the discussion on our facebook group as we plan for a 10 year gathering, with all our friends. To celebrate a full decade of love, laughter, and phat loots. 

Be good to each other. Always. 

What has been your favorite memory? Share it with the guild in the comments (hit reply). 

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Raid Team Hiatus, and the LOA of Ama

by GMAmalthia, 354 days ago

Greetings, Carnies and Carnival Fans alike! 

It is my solemn duty to report that your Glorious Benevolent Dictator will be taking a short Leave of absence due to financial issues, but fear not! I AM coming back. I expect to be back in early March at the latest. 

While I am gone, if you need to reach me, the best options are:

● The Facebook Group: Leave me a Message, I get notified

● Discord Chat: Leave a message in #general, I should either see it or someone will tell me it's there

● Contact Aryin. Aryin is in charge while I'm away, if it's something simple like "invite my alt" she, and any member of the guild, can do that. If you need to get ahold of me, (if it's SUPER IMPORTANT) she can. 

Please follow all rules and keep the place alive for me while I'm away. I wont even be gone long enough for someone to petition for my position, so fear not. 

The Raid Team, and the Player shortage

The raid team will go on Hiatus, after raid, on Thursday 2/1. With me away, the raid team is down to nine people. At 10p people have to leave, so they have to stop even though we're supposed to raid for another hour. This has mad it nearly impossible to progress. So the raid team is taking a short break. 

What it means:

● Raid team members are free to PUG raid with whomever they like, starting 2/2. They are also free to ALSO take a break, but they are expected to come back, either way, at the end of Hiatus which is currently estimated to be Tuesday, March 6th, 2018. 

● Raid members can use the spare time to level and gear alts they have been working on, and run Heroics/M+ instances together to do so. When the raid team convenes 3/6 those alts can be ready to take over as the "new" raid team from then on. (Ari goes Tank, Someone goes heals, Zark goes DPS, etc)

● New members of the raid team, being recruited to join beginning on 3/6 can be geared and ready to start at that time. (They still require and application and to meet minimum requirements). (Aryin in particular wants to run and gear these people whenever they are available.

● You will return, ready to go, 3/6/18, Enchanted, Fed, Flasked, with runes and roll coins, ready to go at 5:45p Server for invites. Period. 

What it does NOT mean:

● Gquit and find another team - That would be some serious bad juju considering all we've been through together. Not cool, bro. 

● You can come back whenever you feel like it - Nope. If you don't show up for after Hiatus Raid night, you lose your spot. Sorry bro. 

● The guild is falling apart - Can you not? It is not. Chill your shit. 

● Farvin is a grouchy pants - Okay, well, that one is probably true... 


~ Exact return date is subject to changeIt will not be BEFORE 3/6/18, only AFTER

~ If you want to join the raid team, you need to show motivation to improve, be involved in brainstorming ways we can improve or ideas, and work on yourself (Improve your toon) between raid nights. You need to fill out an application (I will check and approve it) Know the raid rules and expectations, and be ready to roll the announced raid night after Hiatus (if there is no announcement, it is 3/6)

~ Ary has a life too. She can't run things with you every night. Expect gearing nights to be on Tuesdays and Thursdays, make sure she knows you're interested in coming, and confirm your intent on the calendar. If you sign up but don't show up, you will not be considered for the raid team. 

~ When Raid nights resume, everyone is expected to be ready to pull more weight than before hiatus. You will call out no less than two hours prior to raid, or be found out of compliance. You will be on time for raid, or Notify Ama of possible delay, no later than two hours prior to raid. You will speak when spoken to. Ie. So what went wrong there, and what can we do about it? You will give your opinion, or ask questions if you don't understand something. You will work on your toon between raid nights, even if it's one minor improvement. 

Cheers! See you on the flip side. My account expires at Noon EST on Friday 2/2. See you in March! I will still be posting on the guild News feed, updating the website, and available for questions via facebook. 

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